Save-on-foods touchdown to win contest

I understand that “SAVE-ON FOOD” stores are only in the West? BUT why are the Eastern fans not allowed to play? Those in the east could email in ballots.

Is the CFL not meant to unite Canadians from coast to coast to coast? to come together to celebrate their heritage and create a sense of inclusiveness for ALL.

I think the CFL and TSN have dropped the ball on this one.

If Save-on-foods want to spend their money and be an exclusive advertiser to CFL games they can do what they want.
It's not their responsibility to unite Canadians etc, they are spending their money to advertise their brand in the west because a lot of people in the west watch the CFL
They don't have any stores in the East and it would be a waste of money and resources opening up a contest getting publicity for their brand where they don't have stores.

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As per the contest website, anyone outside of Quebec can enter:

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Anyone fulfilling the conditions of Rule 2 can enter by sending his or her name, city, province and telephone number to:

Save-On-Foods $1 Touchdown to Win Contest
P.O. Box 67050
Toronto, Ontario M4P 3C8

LOL, I'm assuming that the "$1" (rather than $1 Million) in the PO Box address is a typo.

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Except Quebec but that has nothing to do with Save on foods

Is it to do with different laws regarding lotteries or something like that?

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Save On Foods is a great company IMO. I heavily relied on them during the height of covid for grocery delivery. So I love the fact that they're a CFL sponsor.

It has to do with Quebec greed and the Regie des Loteries du Quebec

If you want to hold a contest in Quebec you must pay them 5% of the total prize value. If the contest is Canada wide then its 10% (could be be the other way around)

They say that this is to protect the Quebec from being scammed from fake contests!
What scam? What do I stand to lose? There is no entry fee and no purchase required! What do I lose if a contest is fake!
Furthermore, you have to pay it every year! Paying a million bucks last year is not proof that you are not a scam this year!

I don't blame Save on Foods from not wanting to be scammed by the Quebec government and saving 100,000 ever year

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Thanks for the information Capital_Dave, however as you know, there are no SAVE-ON-FOODS stores in the East. Assuming I enter and win.... and receive a gift certificate - then what? Do I get cash instead? I'm no lawyer, but it seems to me the contest rules need to address this.

That's good to know!! easterners can't complain about that

If you enter a contest knowing there's no stores in the East, then win said contest, you want an exception to the prize you get? The contest rules do address this. You get the gift card. Do with it as you please.

From the contest rules:
«All prizes must be accepted as awarded with no substitutions (cash or otherwise)»

If you send in and win, you get the gift card if that's what's offered. Maybe you can give it to a friend living in Western Canada, or use it next time you go there.

If a Western Canadian grocery chain wants to run and sponsor the contest, they can do what they want to with the rules. The rules don't need to be changed if people that live far from their stores want them to be changed. It's pretty clearly targeted to people living west of Ontario, which is also where I suspect the majority of CFL support lies.

You win the card, the fact that you have no use for is is not their problem


I wonder if Save On could work with a strictly only eastern chain so the whole country is covered.

Everyone except Quebec is free to enter, no purchase necessary
As for Save on Foods working with an eastern chain, why would they? Nothing in it for them

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On the contrary, the eastern chain would have to pay some of the costs of the promotion so there is something in it for them. Living in the west i wasn’t aware anybody can enter. Maybe the people questioning this will read your comment and find out how to go about it.

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What do you mean by costs of the promotion? Commercial time? Yeah but then again S O F would only get half the commercials

No they get the same commercial time, it’s just that the eastern company would get a mention that you could enter there. The million $ prizes are probably insured so the eastern company would pay part of that. In this day and age it would also be easy to substitute the eastern companies commercial in place of Save On since the advertising does Save On no good outside their trading areas. It’s been done before so I don’t know why it couldn’t be done again.

Why would the east company chip in for a OH by the way?

Yeah but that's up to TSN and the provider. I just don't see it happening

Oh I doubt it will happen also but it can be done and has been done. Oh well let’s head to the pub and have a beer on each other. Have a good day/night depending on where you are.