saturdays ticket sales

does anyone know how tickets are selling for this game against the Als? Doesn't seem to be as much talk about ticket sales this year maybe we just expect big crowds. I sure hope we don't get complasent each person going try to bring a friend. Get the noise level up there.

I heard its supposed to be the largest crowd of the year

I hear they say this is the night to go and everyone that wants to go should start banging down the doors of BC Place. Lets the fill the dam dome.

I agree...hate seeing all those empty seats in the upper level. Time to really bring down the house in there!!! Go support this awesome team - tickets are reasonable and they're extremely entertaining.

35,971! (if memory serves me correctly)

Great crowd for an awesome game :slight_smile:

Wicked. Lets keep it up Lio's. Lets try and bring this in for the next home game. What a game tonight. I was on the edge of my seat right down to the last 3 minute warning practically or longer. Really good regular season football tonight on the field.

Great crowd last night.

With the Stamps coming in here 3 weeks from now in a first place showdown and a potential Western Final preview, it would be nice to see the dome rocking with 40,000 fans.

Over 40k fans would be awesome. There's no place like BC Place when its full

I'll be comming down there for Calgary. Had that one circled on the Calendar for a while.