Saturday's News....

Wow, Toronto has been taken by storm and is green and white today. They showed the Green and White parade led by the "Flame" with the premier and mayor of regina on either side - is this the same parade they were talking about on the main forum? Riderville is hoping as usual.

They also showed highlights of the Riders on the practise field with the 10 kids with cancer that the team and the rider fans raised money for. This is truly what the people from Saskatchewan are like and known for and I couldn't be more proud to say I am from Saskatchewan and a Rider Fan after watching it.


That doesn't surprise me at all. I was at the GC in Edmonton in 84. Saskatchewan fans were there in full force. You would have thought they were in the Grey Cup. Great Show Saskatchewan. Sask fans will represent their Province very well and I hope Bomber fans do the same.