Saturday's Game vs. Winnipeg

By now most of us Tiger-Cat fans have seen our retro 60's uniforms that will be worn in this Saturday's game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. But what you might not have seen is the uniforms that Doug Brown's boyfriends will be wearing.


They have a certain New York Titans type feel to them. And I don't think that's a good thing.

And just to stir the pot a bit, remember a few seasons back and the whole fiasco about the Hamilton Spectator printing, "I'd rather be 1-5 than be from Winnipeg"? Well, did anyone else go to the next Bombers vs. Ticats game at Ivor Wynne after Doug Brown fired some shots at the city of Hamilton and also the condition of the visitors locker room? If you did you might have noticed that Doug Brown came out for the pre-game warm-ups in a different numbered, no named jersey as a way to avoid harassment from the fine, upstanding fans at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

What a clown. He couldn't even stand up and take it like a man.

Oskee Wee Wee!

  • paul

Sorry to burst your high horse bubble there, but FYI, Doug Brown ALWAYS comes out in a different jersey for pre-game practise. It's just something he does, home or away. Funny though, that you thought he would do that because of what you fans might do. LOL, you REALLY have no idea who DB is!!!!

Thanks for the laugh!!

Bombers win by 20 on Saturday!!! GO BOMBERS!!!!!!!

Trueblue, your Bombers will come down to Earth at Ivor Wynne. Unlike Calgary's receivers, Hamilton's can catch.

I guess I am not as big of a Doug Brown fan as I thought I was. :frowning:

Trivia time!

Q: What does Stefan LeFors completion percentage and Ray Mariuz's jersey number have in common?

A: They are both less than 47!

  • paul

I think LaFors will be sacked at least 4 times, he doesn't seem to be an effective QB yet. The Cats over Winnepeg by at least 20!!!

Lefores shouldn't be a starting qb.

He's been sacked twice so far in 2 games, but your brutal Dline will get him at least 4 times?...good luck with that.

The Peg always has been the ugliest uniforms in all of pro football. I actually liked the horrible Gold Miners uniforms better.

So bad it hurts to look at them.

someone over on suggested that this is the game where Winnipeg should break out offensively and get over 500 yards :roll:

...I picture Porter doing a lot of running in this game.....trying to avoid getting sacked in his back-field...It'll all part of the learning curve...After he becomes frustrated...i'd love to see Glenn take-over ...... we have him down pat...our d should up their interception average... :wink: :lol:

Stop the run and you stop the Bombers. Plain and simple.

Our front 7 need to key on the run and get a couple quick 2 and outs. Porter just has to keep putting up first downs early and the points will follow.

I just hope that with the hype of last weeks game and the emergence of Deandre Cobb that we don't fall flat and get blown out.

I say attendance will be 24,000! Remember, 1/3 of all ticket holders have an extra ticket for the game plus the retro pricing in sections 6 and 8.

Statistically he has been sacked twice as you say, but I haven't seen a quarterback hit more than LeFors has so far this season. I don't know why Mike Kelly would design a system that puts the QB in so much peril when it is the one position where Winnipeg has the least depth. He looks like a recent version of Dave Dickenson out there.

Load up and stop the run and make LeFors try to beat you with his arm.

We will find out Saturday if that is easier said than done.

  • paul

you're seriously just wasting finger energy typing here.

do you honestly think anyone here cares what some bomber fan thinks of our team?

are you just a troll or something?

I think that he is jealous that we have Porter and he has Lefors. We have the better quarterback and the better team.

I agree that Porter is better than Lefors right now. The problem for you is that's the only position where you're better than us.

You are joking right? Right?

I think the teams are very even in terms of their talent levels.

The only two area that stick out to me is the fact that your Bombers have established talent at WR and on the Defensive Line, but whether that talent outplays our younger, up-and-coming players remains to be seen.

The problem with your Bombers is that you have talent at WR but no one to get them the ball. And in the CFL, that tends to be a problem.

But we will see come Saturday.

  • paul

Hey it's in french is feminine

too bad its lefors

I was being SARCASTIC I'm calling him ................La....fors(feminine) not Lefors!!!

I will also give you a heads up that everytime I spell the city its WINNEPEG............the reason why its because I'm not giving them respect..............