Saturday's game - almost sold out

If you don't have a ticket yet for Saturday night and were thinking of going - better buy your ticket today. There appears to be fewer than 100 tickets left on the Ticketmaster Choose Your Seat thing - and many of those are single seats. So if you and a friend or family member were thinking of going - better hurry-up and buy your ticket(s).

First night game at THF

They had a promotion for STH's to bring a friend to the game this Saturday. I took advantage of the opportunity & got a couple for a friend that I became acquainted with on this very Fan Forum!

Can't wait to rock this place out at night! :rockin:

If it does sell out in good time, I wonder if they will sell standing room only tickets, there is lots of room within the stadium to hang out and still have a great view.

I've noticed that for the first two games - quite a few people have been standing out on the plaza on Cannon Street at times watching the game on the video board. You would get an amazing picture and at the same time get the vibe of the crowd at the game. This is a shot I took from out there in the dying seconds of the game this past weekend just with my phone. For those who have not seen it yet, the clarity of the huge HD screen is something to see.

Crap! Is the whole stadium open or is it just 18K?

Just the 18,000 again

Okay. Thanks! Any idea when the 23K will be available?

The new stadium is awesome, even from only seeing it on TV, including the HUGE replay tv. However, there sure does seem to be a lot of empty seats in the first level, what are they averaging, 10K per game?

they've had 18,100 the first 2 games. there may have been some no shows but there's so many areas to wonder around and still see the game, i'm sure that's why it didn't look like 18k.

I wondered about that too , but then I got thinking about it and I was one of the one's who never went back to my seat in the second half and there was a lot of people just like me that were wandering around enjoying the concources , we always had a great view and if not, there was always the amazing video board to cast an eye on .
Plus, on Sunday afternoon , there was a Bill's game and a Blue Jays 's game a few miles down the road in different directions. On top of all that, there was super crawl in downtown Hamilton which drew a 150,000 folks over the week-end , soooooooooooo for a 2-7 team at the time, some folks might have chosen alternate entertainment, even though they had Ti-cat tickets in their back pocket .

I think a lot of people just didn't want to watch a 2-7 team. Lots of empty seats in our section, 214. Also lots of empty seats in the family zone.

Probably a good thing there is only 18k capacity, they probably would not be able to sell 24k.

I have season tickets but I spent the second half standing in the south end zone patio. I almost go hit by a PAT by Medlock. I shook the Caretakers hand and Pigskin Pete too. It was amazing to see our Ticats score touchdowns from that vantage point.

A lot of fans are in the patio, and concourse area. just like at Mac a lot of fans were in the Beer area !!

I agree.

As for me, I will not be coming up this weekend (I live an hour away) because there are nothing but singles left. I still think it would sell out with 23K fans.

im sure with a fully completed stadium as well a team thats on the upswing we would be able to sell 24k.

Funny though, just 2 years ago we were losing it when capacity of the new stadium was only 24K compared to 29K at ivor wynne. Ticket scarcity drives up demand and prices. Makes it seem as if the game is a hot item and a scarce commodity.

ps. when were those night pictures taken? I really like the grey and yellow seats as well as the black coverings around the stadium at night

Well I just hope everyone shows up and sits in there seats to make the noise extra loud for the Eskimos. After all we are in first place (or tied in the east) :rockin:

I'd like to see Hamilton get revenge on the Eskimoes. Revenge meaning on the win column, not making any retaliatory actions on Willis. Hamilton needs to play fired up without any costly penalties.

Great to see the game is just about sold out, all the more NOISE. Couldn't make the last game, had to give my tics to other family so, just asking, are any food concessions open yet? I don't mean just pizza and sandwiches. thanks