Saturday's 50/50 Draw

Anyone know the ORIGINAL number … (or the last three numbers) of the UNCLAIMED 50/50 draw from Saturday’s game?

I had some tickets, but missed the number … just want to make sure I shouldn’t be in some dark corner crying.

forget 50/%) this teams perforance should have you crying in some dark corner of THE BASEMENT!!!!!

what happensto the money now?

the players continue to cash their cheques despite their performance.......oh you meant the 50/50 money

Another number was called … I would assume it was won/claimed.

I’m looking for the original, unclaimed number.

you have 15 mins after the annoucement to claim your prize. Too late worrying about it now.

Not worrying at all … just wondering.

Does ANYONE (including Tiger-Cats’ staff) have the ORIGINAL (unclaimed) number?

If not … let’s just ‘close down’ this thread.

ROTFLMAO. Oh man, that was good. You're a cleaver one, aren't you?

You mean the 25/25, 25/25 draw I think.

Wasn't pleased that once again, there were 2 separate 50/50's.

The one was something like $3,000 more to the winner.

Ya, ya, I get that they are trying to support as many groups as possible, but when you enter the stadium and "buy in" to the contest, your payment should get you into both draws...of equal value. Or, have one clear 50/50 draw, aptly named....a 50/50.

The question still isn't answered as to what happens if no one claims the prize?

That wasn't the question.

The question was...what was the original number of the 50/50 that went unclaimed.

The answer was...they drew another one.

Post 3 by Biggie asked the question in this thread.....I think it's important to know.....I realize the original Q was answered re 15 minutes to claim etc.

That boneheaded policy is the reason I stopped buying any 50/50 tickets.

I am usually listening to the game on CHML and don't hear the announcer

tell us when the winning numbers are briefly up on the Tiger Vision screen.