Saturday vs. Stamps

Any predictions on Saturday's tilt vs. Calgary? I'm not sure which Rider team will show up! Hopefully it will be the team that wins, not loses to the Stamps!

the riders will win

getting ready to go to calgary from edm go riders kick some a-ss

Cheer hard; want to see the "Sea of Green" descend on McMahon!

I had a terrible dream that the Riders got killed 48 to 6 against Calgary. Here is hoping its just a dream.

Now thats what i would call a nightmare lol!!

Riders win 34-19 at Taylor Field West.

I agree that the game is won in the trenches and I haven't seen the front four stop Renyolds. I don't mean to be negative but the linebackers are going to have to come up big and if Danny puts Jackie Mitchell back in they will be running at him all game long which is not a good thing. They should keep Jones in because he is faster, stronger and a better tackler

well of course im goin to pick the [i]RIDERS[/i] :wink: , 34 - 17 for the men in GREEN :cowboy:

Not to many predicted right! I'm a DIE hard rider fan, but I just can't stomach another season of this. After today someones HEAD better roll!!!!!!!!!

thats a pretty guts call to make after only 2 post on here :stuck_out_tongue: the offence stalled and u want heads to roll :roll: if u claim you are a die hard fan :expressionless: u would understand that this offence(2006) is twice offence that the 2005 was :wink: just give it time to gel, this season is way more diffent from any other year because all the teams are pretty much equal. so all teams will lose some and win some.

They have played seven games with a buy week, they offence should have gelled by week 4. They have gelled and have shown it in other games but where was the creativity that was shown last game? Keith was running the ball hard so give it to him more

so if they dont gel within 4 weeks then what? :? Are you sayin if you were a head coach and your team didnt gel within 4 weeks, players would be traded? or cut? that wouldnt be much of a stable team if players couldnt gel within weeks and your job was on the line every 4 weeks if the players couldnt gel within the time. Where do you get the players from to replace the one's u just cut? and can u do this every 4 weeks? i dont think so :expressionless:

I've gotta agree with bigj. Seven weeks should be enough to "gel". The season is darn near half over, and the Riders are still playing like its preseason (except they aren't trying out any new players, just keeping the old ones who continue to underperform - see "punter", for example.) By the time the Riders gel, it could be too late to even make the playoffs, much less have a home playoff game.

There are two hopeful things.
1: Maybe the coaching staff will now look at making some changes, considering all the complaints they are receiving on these forums and on the call-in shows, and
2: Maybe the Riders will be able to string together a couple of good games in a row sometime. They've shown that they can play better, but not consistently yet. The talent appears to be there, but its not there often enough.

#1. I doubt the coaches care what is said on this forum or on CKRM's call-in shows.
#2. How long do you expect players to play together before they start to gel? 1 season, 2 seasons? It's not that they haven't gel'd, its just that there playing like crap. No excuses.
#3. If the coaches don't want to make any changes, maybe it's time to make a change at the coaching positions.
#4. As for the punting game, Congi just isn't getting it done. Enough said. Don't expect John Ryan to be comming back from the Packers anytime soon, he's out kicking B.J. Sander by an average of almost 20 yards per kick.