Saturday vs Ottawa

Weather forecasted as chance of a shower.

I want to see 2 Canadian running backs, lots of short over the middle passes to kill their blitz, some designated roll out passes with run options for the RB.

With JF gone will JM now relax a bit and be more efficient?
Will JJ, OS and the others come up with a varied offence?
Will we have a D Line put pressure on their offence?
Will ST finally work?

I wonder...

It continues to amaze me that pitch outs and roll-out option plays are not a regular feature of this offence, particularly with dual-threat Masoli @ QB. Or, maybe even employed a time, two, or a few each per game. I think there are a lot more easy yards to be had that way than with so many hitches that, so often, don’t get much.

The play where Masoli disguises his handoff and either pulls the ball out or fakes that he is pulling it out worked awesome on the first drive in Sask...haven't really seen it since.
And lets put Williams back on returns and decide once and for all if it is our blocking or the returner causing such futility??

The read option.
Agreed. Not enough of it.

Would also like to see Timmis get the ball more but it seems like they are testing out all the backs

I would just like to see the play where we score a touchdown.

A few times.

Love that play.

Powell eats us alive.
Masoli continues to throw picks.
We have no QB (Manzeil) to replace him when he has a bad game.

AND.....The Cats continue their spiral...

That Manzeil of whom you speak, is that the right tackle for the Argos ? Or is that Chris Van Down by the River ? :wink:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

No... That's the starting QB for the ALS. You might have heard of him.

Probably should put that one back in the playbook.

I'll take it back if Masoli shows any type of consistancy over two straight games.(wins)
But I think I am save.

Ellingson picks us apart (what else is new?) defense struggles until the 4th quarter. Harris throws for 250 yards in 3 quarters but we get a couple turnovers (yes turnovers, remember those?) and Masoli engineers the 4th quarter winning drive at the end of the game to pull out the slim victory and Chris Williams has something significant to do with it.

I would love to be wrong. But after trading Manzeil to the ALS, I am depressed. I would love to see Masoli play some winning games(like two wins in a row) to prove he is not an inconsistant QB, and will never take us to the Cup.

Yup . You'll take it all back until the next time we lose a game and then you'll be right back on your "the sky is falling" horse telling us all about how lousy it is to be a fan of this team and how we NEVER should've traded Johnny "Super-Star" and how we will never win diddly squat with Masoli as our QB and how we will once again miss the play-offs and blah,blah,blah rinse and repeat etc etc etc .

LOL . It never gets old with you my friend . You remind me of a teeter-totter or a toilet seat.....up and down and up and down all the time but always remaining consistent . ;D

Masoli did play two good games, back to back against Edmonton and Winnipeg earlier this season. What more could you possibly ask for?
....and oh yeah, the two losses against a terrible riders team must of been Manziels fault, that is why he is no longer with the team.

The ticats appear to be much like the traditional leafs, good fan support, but just here cause other teams need an opponent to beat on. In that goal, we've done a good job for a long time.

Having said this, we'll most likely beat Ottawa, then everyone will be thrilled and forget everything else.

At least he is consistent, unlike mediocre Masoli. LOL

I must have missed you being positive when he played well and won against Edmonton and Winnipeg in consecutive games.

Debbie Downer is probably right though!

Let’s get back on topic, shall we?

The player everyone loves to hate, Kyries Hebert, talking crap about Hamilton:

I’m glad he hates us so much. As if I needed another reason to dislike the guy. Now I really can’t wait for us to crush the ALLCAPS on Saturday.