Saturday Toronto Star re: Lumsden :twisted:

bought a house in hamiltons west end, eh? that a sign that hes sticking around for years to come?

ya Mikey, I remember when Jesse played at MAC and they commented on his "spidey senses" love the boy within the man

It's a sign that he is making an investment in the housing market. An investment that he can dispose of at any opportune time.

It would be just a little foolish to read anything more than that into it.

Does that mean that you really don't think there is a chance for a CFL team in Elliot Lake there Wilf. :lol:

I thought you bought there because you were ready for a comeback! :wink:

Here in Elliot Lake we've had about all the excitement we can handle for a few years. This summer, the Ontario Health Minister, George Smitherman married his friend in a ceremony at a lodge just north of the city.

It's not every community that can boast such momentous events. I think we'll put off the dream of a CFL team for awhile.

However, I'm not privy to any plans Frank d'Angelo might have so you never know!

(Please don't comment on anything you might read into the above. I'm simply responding to a question from my friend woody.)