Saturday September 8th = Football Day in Canada

Triple header starting at 1pm est. Getting ready for a ready for a long day in front of the TV.

10 pst is somewhat early for me, but I am still looking forward to it.

I love this time of year. Four cfl games surrounded by at least6 televised NFL games.

football, youbet, and loving it.

Ok, time to really stock up on the popcorn, love the stuff with watching football.

Do you find it hard to find the stuff sometimes ? For a while there I thought they were going to obsolete popcorn. Any time I find a good brand they discontinue it. The way of this world. ::slight_smile:

If you go to No Frills to shop they have their own no name theatre brand. Really good.

I’m a popcorn junkie myself.

White cheese popcorn or caramel types are very addictive but the colonels now damage my teeth .

The dark chocolate drizzle is incredible .

They also have a one with cashews at Shoppers that is non stop eating .

Buttered one's in the theatre or at home are still good but you need coke or pepsi to wash down the oily stuff . Its sip and chomp till the bag is done .

Orville Redenbacher was a secret member of the Illuminati & the people behind Pop Secret had a stunning scandalous (for the time) information about his life

I find the Giant Tiger brand, microwave, pops well and priced right.

are you kidding me

I’ll be happy just to have pop

Stanley Park in Vancouver with their supreme popcorn, anything less I wouldn't be able to handle it.

Mmmmmm! I’ll have some (a whole bunch actually) of each please!

I love this time of year. Four cfl games surrounded by at least 6 televised NFL games.
I'll just say "No!" to the NFL games.


May I respectfully suggest, given it is Football Day “In Canada”, that if you have time, try to wander over to your local Minor, High School, Junior or even University field and watch/support some exciting amateur action. And think about getting involved as a fundraiser, coach or as an official…there’s always room for more folks who love the game to help make it grow.

After all, they are the CFL stars of the future.

the CFL should be marketting this as such. a full slate of football nationwide. get everyone in the huddle