Saturday Score Prediction thread.

We'll send a hat to whoever comes closest to the correct score. So predict away - but be careful, only one prediction per member and no "edits" allowed. You can post more than one prediction, but only your first post will count.

Other conditions:

  • You win the hat only if the Ticats win.
  • This does not mean you can't predict the Argos will win, just that we're not going to reward fans for predicting the Tiger-Cats are going to lose.
  • In the extremely remote chance they do not win or tie, we'll add the hat to whatever prize is offered for the next game against Montreal on the 24th.

Cheers, Bob.

31-24 Tiger Cats

As Much as Love my Ticats
I don;t see a Win. I hope I am Wrong.

Preseason Means Nothing

Toronto 35 Hamilton 20

Guess I won't win the Hat :frowning:

27-18 Ticats

Ticats 38

Boatmen 30

We'll be there...Loud and Proud :rockin:

cats 24
argo-nuts 21

TiCats 48 Args 36 - Slugfest

Ticats 31
Argos 17

Ti-Cats 28

Argos 18

Ticats 27
Blue Team 16

31-17 ticats.

Cats 33
Argo-nots 25

Still the best sports rivalry...anywhere

The good guys in Black and Gold....38

The less than good guys in Blue....18

Keep hydrated guys!'s gonna be an oven in there!

Good luck to the Hamilton lads! :thup:

Double Blue - 34
Yellow Cats - 17

Ti-Cats 27
Argos 21

Bob, I say we change the rules and give Bluto the hat, we all know he needs it more than the rest of us. He'll want to change his colours after tomorrow night anyway :wink:

For the hat.....
Hamilton 33
Toronto 30

What I think will really happen.....

Ricky Williams....2 touchdowns.
Terry Vaughn ... 1 TD
Morelli .... 1 TD
Kevin Eakin will be in the game in the 4th qtr.

Cats 34 Argos 23 <<< the things a run game and return game can do...

Oski Wee Wee,

Hamilton 23

Toronto 16

Go Cats Go

Ti-Cats 23
Argos 17