Will the Green and White prevail over the Stumps or will the Dominguez injury have that big an impact?

My guess is that if the D steps up and the O continues to make big plays even without the help of #88 then they will. I hope to God they do, cause i going to that game and that would just be sh1tty if it was a bad game. Although the rest of McMahon should be filled with rider fans so i wouldn't be alone.


Riders: :thup: 27
Stumps: :thdn: 22

Although Dominguez is fantastic and definitely a key player, I think we have to have faith that the rest of our team can rise to the challenge and continue to have a great season. Go Green!

Riders in a close one: 19-17.

theres no way that austin will allow his team to come out flat 2 weeks in a row.... i got the riders by 14

I'd have to agree with that. I'am a little nervous about the outcome but not as much as i was last week.

I'm going out on a limb and predicting a rider blowout (well, a win of more that a converted touchdown). It's not that I have anything against Calgary and it's sure not that we do particularly well in Calgary (I was at Burris' breakout game and it was not fun...), but I just have this feeling that we will step up to the plate, particularly defensively, and Calgary won't

The big factor will be if our defense plays with intensity. The last several games they seem to come out soft and the oppostion sets us back on our heels with us playing catch up. If our D can get pressure on Henry and get him frustrated it will be a glorious day in riderville.

I believe that Ritchie will motivate these guys to come out with a lot of intensity.

Riders 29
Stamps 17

This game is really important to set up the second half of the season. Go riders Go.

Burris will run for 100 yards and go 22 for 30 for 275 yards.

Stamps 27 Riders 25

I somehow can't see that, but it's your opinion and your entitled to it.

Your right! I want to change it to 21 for 34 same yardage. (-:

Riders 31

Stamps 22

I said at the game today, the Stamps would likely win by 21. Too many problems on D right now. MAJOR adjustments required.

I am extremely pissed off about that game. I went their hoping to see the riders from a few weeks ago, and instead it looked like a game out of the Danny Barrett/Roy Shivers era.