Again, Riders or Eskimos. To be perfectly honest i beleive the Riders will run away with this one again. Edmonton hasn't looked that great lately and I think the Riders are ready. I can't see them throwing another away for a long time.


Riders: :thup: 42
Esks: :thdn: 14

Riders by 16.

Something like 30-14

I have a feeling the Riders will take this game by a minimum of two major scores. I expect Edmonton to be a bit better on offence (more than 12 points but less than 20), but their defence is hopeless.

Prediction...Edmonton doesn't score in the 4th quarter. And Fantuz gets his first TD of the season. Just a gut feeling!!!

Riders 38
Eskimos 17

This game just got tougher to win - still winable, but tougher to do addition to Frenette, Murphy, Jurineack, Adams, Mitchell, Davis, Justin, and all the others, the Riders have also lost Geno for a month to mono.....

I won't take Edmonton lightly. Riders by 8.