Saturday 's Game in a must win for Cats

For those of us who can not make the train trip to Montreal. I'm sure we will be glued to our chairs or couches for this one.
Saturday nights game is a "must must win" for our Cats. The east standings even with the cross-over have been "kind" to our Cats..even with only 1 win.
{Not counting the 2 rip-offs in B.C. and Edmonton thanks to Jake Ireland and his crew.)
But now we have reached the crunch time..and I hope the bye-week has helped the guys get ready to play some smash-mouth football for the rest of the season.
Armstead will no doubt be an added plus as the deep guy..
All around improvement with the Cats over the last 4 games. A steady improvement with a hell of a lot of new people on both sides of the ball.
This is one long time fan..who is greatfull to Bob and Charlie and Marcel for carving up the old bird..and starting completely from scratch. ( I only wish it had been done 2 years ago..the growing pains would have been long over bye now.}
With that being said..I think this new group of players and coaches are a long way from being out of the race what remain of the 2007 season.

Very well put, and i agree whole heartedly. Cats need to keep on improving as they have been. By the end of the season we should have a team ready to play competitively next year.

I agree with the above. But the key word is 'NEXT
YEAR'. The offensive/Defensive lines still need a

The Cats are beginning to sound like the Leafs...just wait until next season...just wait until the season after next..