Saturday Playoff Games

I know this has been talked about before, but I hate the Saturday playoff games. I like all brands of Canadian Football and that includes Canadian University ball. The CFL is competing with the CIS on the same day as their playoff games which I also like to watch. In previous years I would watch the CIS on Sat and CFL on Sun.

The CFL and CIS should work together like last year with the Vanier and Grey Cup together. This year they are on the same weekend in different cities. Great planning.

Couldn't watch 'em. Oh well....

I think it's a great idea, the CFL brass finally using their brains - "don't compete against the NFL" its time to ditch Sunday CFL games when the NFL is playing.

Now let's switch the Grey Cup to Saturday!!

Grey Cup day is too big in Canada to worry about going up against the NFL.

The CFL playoffs should be on Saturdays.

I think some brilliant mind should have the Vanier Cup on the Saturday afternoon before the Grey Cup and in the same city.

Otherwise the diehards accross Canada who travel to the Grey Cup every year will never catch a Vanier!!!