Saturday nights game

Since the CBC dropped the game, does that mean that we won't be able to see the game here in the US? I've been psyched for this game for weeks and I'll be totally bummed if I have to miss it. :cry:

Anyone out there know what's up :?:

If you can't watch it on TV, you can always go online to and listen to the game on the Internet.

I think you are out of luck, unless your sattelite carries RDS.. (French TSN)

I can't even get regular TSN through my satalite. I'm currently switching to Direct TV, but I don't think they offer it either.

Directv doesn't offer TSN.
When you see a tsn game it is only the feed from them to the local broadcaster

It really sucks that CBC dropped the game this weekend. It should actually be the best game of the week. I was looking forward to Montreal handing BC its first loss at home.

I agree cbc dropping the game sucks, but MONTREAL IS GOING DOWN!

(Montreal is my second favorite team so I was really looking forward to this game)

Actually it might be a good thing that the game was dropped. There is a home curse on the anouncerless games. No home team has won since CBC went announcerless. Lets just hope the Walrus is not brought back when they sign for the hockey season.