Saturday July 16- JUDGMENT DAY!

Just having some fun with you Oilerrocker. :slight_smile: It will be a most important game for the LIons. Going down 3 consecutive games will not be good at all. I'm all for parity in the League. Last year the Lions got off to a dismal start. I think they lost their first 7 games or something like that. Whatever it was it was real bad. Thankfully they turned it around in the second half of the season but who wants to wait that long to see them start winning. The Esks only pulled out 7 wins out of 18 but still almost made the playoffs.

Personally I would like to see the Lions of course dominate the game to prove to themselves that they are a winning team. If the Lions get blown out by Ricky Ray et al then at least we know what we have to do. If the Lions lose because of stupid penalties or dumb miscues, that will be tough to swallow. If the Lions lose by some last second field goal or whatever THAT will be excruciatingly painful to watch.

By the way Oilerrocker........ you are always welcome to visit the Lions den here! We are all CFL fans and I always appreciate good quality plays regardless of the uniform the player is wearing. Most of these guys play their hearts out to entertain us and even the players themselves will acknowledge when someone on the other team made a brilliant play.

Thanks for the Welcoming Beaglehound :thup: I do live in Delta so the Lions are usually my second choice and I do go to most games. Even lucky enough this year to head to the Peg to see the Bombers play the Esks . I love going to CFL games and have been doing it since I was a wee guy growing up in Edmonton, I now bring my kids, they have been going since they were 3. The CFL is the best Family sporting event going. On sat I will sit back with a beer and have a BBQ and hopefully watch a good hard fought game but hope the Esks come out on top . Cheers :thup:

Meh. BC lost to the two best teams in the CFL in both tossups. Once we start catching the ball we'll be fine.
This will be an interesting game though, is Edmonton for real? And we all know, that we don't want to dig ourselves a hole again this year. I still suspect when all is said and done, the Lions will finish no worse than 2nd in the West.