Saturday July 16- JUDGMENT DAY!

Edmonton has scored more points than any other team in the CFL. Only one team has had fewer points scored against compared to Edmonton. The Eskies blew both of their opponents away in the first two weeks of competition. They're red hot and playing with swagger. Good for them but reality sets in on Saturday.

What an opportunity for the Lions to get the monkey off their own backs by putting the Esks in their place. If they don't the Eskies go 3-0 while the Lions go 0-3. It will be 2010 all over again and a very long season. I don't think it is going to happen that way. The Lions had their chances to beat both Montreal and Calgary. They came that close! The Lions know they're a better team than 0-2. They'll prove it this Saturday. My wife returned the Smirnoff's Ice 6 pack to me so I'm good to go!

It'll be hot late Saturday afternoon at Common Wealth and I understand the fans are going to served up a tasty dessert to cool them down- Eskimo pies, compliments of the Lions D!

Maybe its not a bad thing I won't be able to watch the game. I'm very worried about it...

You may want to keep your girley drinks on ice and switch to something stronger cause the Esks are going to dominate the Leos on both sides of the ball . :lol:

"You may want to keep your girley drinks on ice and switch to something stronger cause the Esks are going to dominate the Leos on both sides of the ball ."

Hmmmm.... thems fightin words Oilrocker. I can't wait to see you eat them! lol And eat them you will! You'll need a "girley" drink to wash them down! Hehehe

you tell'em hound!

WWE-Vince McMahon's prize - Mark Calaway "THE UNDERTAKER"
C.F.L- Eric Tillman's prize - Jerome Messam "THE UNDERTAKER"
Judgement Day at Commonwealth Stadium - Saturday July 16 - Event - Lions vs Eskimos :cowboy:

I just hope the weather will be good, the Esks have played in the worst weather this year. 1st pre season game was a wind and rain storm in Regina. first 2 reg season games were both delayed due to rain and Lightning .

ha - thats just the conditions the Lions love. they'd rather drink muddy water and live in a hollow log. They are bad news for those fair weather Eskies.

Just wondering why Eskimo fans are creeping the BC Lions page - too embarrassed to stay on your own page???

Oh I just figured out why. Have you looked at the Eskimos forum - boring. No talk about the game at all.

Big long discussion about which import running back should start though....hmmm I wish we could have a running back discussion on here, but we DON'T HAVE A RUNNING GAME!!!!

Yes, we have friends living in Edmonton and they’ve told us the weather there has been absolutely terrible for this time of year. We’re hoping to go out on a visit sometime in August so I do hope things improve. As far as the football game is concerned I can see how the Edmonton Sun will carry the news Monday morning:

" Eskies’ winning streak comes to an abrupt halt at two due to inclement weather! Lions “reign” on Eskies parade…not a single “Ray” of sunshine to be seen. Esks were sent packing out of Commonwealth with no “Porter” to help with the luggage.

We HAVE a running game BCLions4ever. We're just saving it for when we really need it! So far we've not really needed it. We should have won our first two games but we shot ourselves in the foot.

And speaking of RBs....... have you not watched Tim Brown???? That guy will be better than Yonus Davis before this season is finished!

I think most if not all know when I creep in and about other forums it's in fun/good natured posting. However, I'm more serious when posting over in the Edmonton one but sometimes I wonder WHERE IS EVERYBODY! :expressionless:

Welcome. We are family.

I know we have the talent, I'd just like to see some smashmouth pounding to bring the defenders in tight, which helps to open up the passing game more. I think Tim Brown is going to be amazing, and Robertson can really open it up on occasion. I also think that Andrew Harris is destined to be a star. I'd just like to see these guys and the fullbacks utilized a bit more than just for 2nd down short yardage conversions, kick retruns and the occasional dump pass. Take it up the gut and look for the hole.

No worries. I found the Skimos forum to be a tad light on content. You are always welcome, but don't expect much sympathy when your beloved Skimos get "iced" on Saturday!!!

That's the way it goes for all of the fans when their team suffers a loss, it's more of a disscusion on what went wrong and what worked for the other team.

this is going to be a great game.

"No worries. I found the Skimos forum to be a tad light on content."

Good grief BCLions4ever. Please post in English. I'm having enough trouble trying to decipher the meaning of stuff everyone is saying here.

"Skimos"? Skimos? What the heck is Skimos I thought? A new kind of milk? It took me 10 minutes of staring at the word to finally figure out what the dickens you were saying!! lol

Hey that's not bad, your not Dave Pratt are you? :lol: It is Eskimo weather mind you. I am looking forward to a great game, and an important one for the Leo's indeed.