Saturday is Tiger Cats Steak night

The Lions are coming to town and are looking forward to feasting on those mouth watering Tiger Cats steaks. Well done will be the theme. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Battle of the Big Cats. Wondering if Braley is gonna throw a BBQ for the Lions.

He always does. It's a Lions' summer ritual in Steeltown.

GRRRRR! The really frustrating thing is, I got nothing. Brazzell and Yeast would eat up your secondary if McManus could get the ball to them...opps..sorry, if Craig and Chris would run the right routes or fight for the ball

ps. I really hate you guys. :wink:

Why so proud, buddy? You can't beat the Argos either.... Well at least not in a timely manner. :stuck_out_tongue:

You tell em' Buford! :twisted:

Where have you been buford?

4 Wins 0 Losses :smiley:

BCCFLFAN - I'm cheering for your Lions on this one cause the Gades will make the playoffs this year based on your 2 wins over these cats but... just like the Als last week.. You may want to show up to this game cause sooner then later even the cats are bound to win 1...

And TiCat fans... Can't wait to watch the Gades D line snack on Grampa McManus in a couple of weeks!!!

Go Liiiiiions!!