Saturday - Guelph

Weather people calling for Tshowers morning and afternoon. 70% showers in the evening.

I’m not expecting a win, but I would appreciate a Cat team with some organization and enthusiasm. A win would be nice, wicked even.

Oh goodie. The rain made the last game I attended such a fine experience. Kind of went with the play.

Sat through the Edmonton monsoon. Will be there for the Regina storm. (Ponchos are only $1.25 at Dollarama - and they are yellow!)

Hey Great Idea on the Poncho's and Yellow as well, what a deal? The showers could pass by game time at 7:30p so we can concentrate on cheering our Tiger-Cats, I'm willing to wait and see especially now that we are getting key players back off the injury list and playing again, remember Regina is pretty much 100% with really no injuries except for Durant's foot but he looked great last week? Hamilton has had the injury bug since training camp and have quite a few starters out of the line up, but now with Stala back and so on maybe we can pull out a victory tomorrow, I'm hopeful anyway??

Rain or Shine, its Ti-Cat time, see you all in Guelph. GO CATS GO!!! Everyone bring your Red Shapie and give it to Cortez, as he will be making alot of chances when our Defence destroys him and his offence! :lol:

Yea, bring a poncho and an umbrella if it rains or a parasol if its sunny. Nothing like twirling the umbrellas to get the crowd excited!!! I expect the Ticats to contain Durant if its slippery.

8) I wouldn't hold my breath on that prediction, Bruce :wink:

Up to 90% POP for saturday evening in Guelph

Wish I could be there, I truly miss not being able to attend Ticats games on a regular basis :cry:

8) Yikes, what a weather forecast !!
  I'm glad I sold my tickets for this game to some friends who are Rider fanatics  <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

   I don't mind them getting wet, at all !!   <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->