saturday Double Header Simple Question.

Okay so is Hurricanes Braves game before or after The ticat Game ?



Sep. 19 - 7:30 PM
Burlington @ Hamilton
Tim Horton's Field

my try out for the braves many many moons ago was the last time I had ever worn football gear. 2 weeks into training camp I got into a fight with an old friend and walked away.

I miss playing football more than that old friend lol

Thank would have been better to kick off with that game at Noon then Follow it up with CFL Game at 4.00

They've got the stair climb event going on at THF starting at 11am. So they could not have had the other game starting at noon.

Per email from the Tiger Cats:


TWO GAMES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! - Approximately 30 minutes after Saturday's game, the Hamilton Hurricanes and Burlington Braves will square off in an Ontario Football Conference matchup at Tim Hortons Field. The doubleheader will provide fans with the first-ever opportunity to see CFL and OFC action together on the same night. Great news! Your Ticats ticket doubles as your Hurricanes ticket. All fans staying for the game will be asked to relocate to the lower west side of the stadium. The south-west concession stand on the lower west concourse will remain open for the second game