SATURDAY...........CBC double header........the main event!

TORONTO vs. B.C.................SASK. vs. WINNIPEG...........

They should both be better games.I have to get 1 pick right. :lol: :lol: :lol: :idea:

Please note: only the BC-Toronto game is on CBC. The Winnipeg-Saskatchewan game is on TSN.


Cann't wait, let the mayham and BB's rider ass kicking begin!

Sorry , I had too many pops last night. Thanks. :lol: :smiley:

I'M sick of the lack of coverage between CFL games limited to hi-lite reels or 5mins worth of Eric Tillman talking about nothing. The CFL needs its own cable channel to market the game. I mean stop emulating the NFL, and just do something we can afford.

Canadian KEITH PELLEY ........developed the play by play style while working for FOX..............NFL.........

That was the basis for TSN'S FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL.

I agree it would be nice for the CFL to have it's own network.........but write the sports broadcasters about the lack of coverage...........the CFL doesn't control that. :smiley:

CBC always has had thier heads in the sand when preparing a schedule for the CFL,Cuthburt going to TSN is going to hurt CBC ratings,he the best football announcer in Canada,too many Argo games,that's what I hate!!

WELL, ARGOS games get the ratings ...........and more the CBC because it is on more T.V. sets in CANADA.

They are trying to get NHL like numbers........since there is no hockey.

It will be interesting to see the T.V. numbers tonight from the CBC.

COME ON.............every one will want to see the GREY CUP rematch and allot of people will just watch to see if .......B.C. will kill the ARGOS.......... :smiley:

I bet you watch it. :smiley:

I think Hamilton has like 4 or 5 games on CBC in a row. No that's rediculous. At least spread out the games so that every team gets to get on CBC.

I am complaining because i only get 5 channels on my TV. :smiley:

If you only get 5 channels...therefore only CBC, no TSN...then subscribe to cable! We pick up the cheapest cable package for the football season, and it's well worth it. Listening to the games on the radio just isn't the same. :roll:

Go Riders!

There is one Als game that is only on RDS.
I will do what I have been doing for the last couple of years. The day before I call up and subcribe to it, the day after I cancel.

Not That I'm Promoting Stealing Cable, But I Find That We Get It At A Discounted Rate For The First Month Or Two And Then Cancel It, It'll Useally Take Them 4 Or 5 Months To Cut Us Off And By That Time It's The Playoffs And All The Games Are On CBC. It's Worked The Last Few Years.

I'm looking forward to both games.

Go Winnipeg! Riders fans are more pleasant to have around when their team loses...

Pretty low move,too cheap to pay for it? Actually most die-hard CFL fans have a liitle hate spot for the Argos(always will),Pinball gets a little annoying after the fist2-3 games!!

Yes..the re-match. On my way to Queen West to do a little tailgating...then to the stadium for some more tailgating...and then I think there's a football game or something. :wink: