Saturday.. at the park

Just not feelin the stats thread this week.

We're ranked higher on offence they are ranked higher on defence.

We win

The end

I see the Eskimos are bringing the rain again... :x

And we will bring the pain..

Sorry that was cheesy :oops:

The rain might be done by game time, but there is supposed to be a howling wind though... :roll:

we will the coin toss, defer to the second and still somehow have the wind in our face in the fourth :roll:

I just hope they don't psych our guys out at the coin toss with their mean stare-down technique.

Nah this our house...... We be mean muggin them son!


....I think it was the fourth of july

Old guy^ :wink:

But yah there will be a few Eskimos seeing fireworks after the beating we put on them

That depends on how the game is going, deferring means they could also take the wind in the 4th if the game is close. Other times when they have allowed the “visitor” to take the wind in the 4th, the game has been well in hand at the beginning of the second half.

Heh Tabbi how are yah, going to the game?

I confess I don't really know the rules for deferring. So when/if we take the ball in the 3rd the opponent gets to choose what end they will defend?

I put out some thoughts in the last game (or the LDC) about deferring and got some asked-for correction on my assumptions. If I remember correctly (without digging up the thread to check)what you are saying is right - they can choose to receive the kickoff or which end to defend in the second half. I probably should go check it out again when I have time.

Would love to be at the game but will be watching as usual from home :frowning:

get your butt down here!!!!

i was trying but not very hard to find the thread i couldnt remember what was posted in response. i hit 40 this year brains going fast. my theory of acting like a child to stave off old age is proving false :frowning:

Let’s not forget that defence wins games…and the glass is half empty. lol

championships you mean. and i agree.

and wheres my man Bobo when i need him. i need the picture of the realist optimist and pessimist stat!