Satellite Blackouts Question?!

I live in London, Ontario and currently have Rogers Cable. I am looking at switching to Bell ExpressVu, but am wondering what are the blackout situations with them. Would I have games blacked out? What are other peoples experiences with blacked out games?

I also have Rogers (unfortunately), so I can't speak about Bell. But I can't see why they'd black out any games if Rogers doesn't.

Yes, if a game is blacked out in your area, TSN will be blacked out on Bell - they'll show bad boxing or something instead of the game.

I cannot possibly imagine any game being blacked out in London, Ontario.

The Argonauts don't black out any games from what I've understood, and Hamilton does it like once per year.

Thanks for the info.

I think Edmonton is bad for blackouts....and BC. Others would know better than I what TO does.

calgary sux for blackouts. so here is what you do if you get blackouts: get a bell expressview sat dish/horn. then buy yourself an enfusion sat reciever. as long as you have internet(wich tou do if your reading this) never pay for a movie or get blacked out again.

I'm a Rider fan. Since the team will likely sell out the season before Opening Day, there will be no blackouts here....

Living so far away from Vancouver, we never have Blackouts. Thing is, I usually make 7 or 8 of the 10 home games! :wink:

So in other words…Steal them!

If he's paying for the internet does that mean he's stealing them? Not sure!

And in 2 years when you get 15,000 fans a game AGAIN because you are losing, you will have to suffer through the black out. Oh wait, you won't because everyone will have hopped off the bandwagon and the only true fans will be sitting in the half empty stadium.

Says the Ti-Cat fan ... whose bandwagon is looking REALLY empty these years.

I can't recall the last time the Rider bandwagon was '08 Ti-Cat empty. It's only been down like that once in the past 20 years.

Maybe you're thinking of the Argos and their 15,000 '03 ... which was still bigger than the Ti-Cats.

I am exagerating with the 15,000 but as must as SSK fans brag now, only a few years ago they were playing to a lot less than capacity crowds.

Only 2 years ago the Cats were playing to 22-25K people. Last year we were around 18,000. I love when IWS is full. The Cats have been really bad the last 9 years. Would you pay top money to go see a loser?

I don't have a problem if a team wins and fans start showing up. I just don't like it rubbed in my face. SSK has the best fans in the worst. That's total BS because it's only been the last 3 years that they have gotten good attendance. Don't flaunt it in our faces that SSK doesn't have blackouts cuz their fans are so good and great, etc,etc. I'll be the first to throw it back in their faces when they suck again and are back down to 20-25k per game.

Well, you say whatever you like to make you feel good. And, if Hamilton ever gets good enough to require a bandwagon, we'll return the one we borrowed from you because ours was overflowing.

And, while everything runs in cycles, I was merely stating a fact. A proud fact to be sure - only Montreal has had that level of ticket demand recently, albeit in a smaller venue. Rider fans have cause to celebrate and be proud of their support. So, you can criticize the neighbour's house, or clean up your own. It's your choice.

I am only pointing out fact. Don't rub it in people's faces when you were in the exact same situation as us only a few years ago. The general feeling the boards here is that SSK is never going to look back and they will sell out forever.

Just because your team has been successful and fans have come back doesn't give you a free pass to stick it to the rest of us.

The Eskimos have had 35K season tickets for the last 20 years, and I don't hear them saying a word.

You can have fans. There is no problem in that. But just don't point it out at every opportunity because 5-7K of those fans are only there because they are winning.

If SSK wants to be a true success and make me eat my own words, go 3-15 for 3 years in a row and then we'll talk and see how many fans you get.

Yes he is

I have to agree with that!

I thought we were talking about blackouts – which led us into the last topic.

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Another aspect helping fuel the sale of season tickets is the lifting of the TV blackouts. Fans sitting in their living rooms can watch what it is taking place at Mosaic Stadium and really want to be part of the live show. Let’s fact it. Even from the safety of the press box I can tell that Mosaic Stadium is a fun place to be for a home game. The Riders deserve credit for creating that atmosphere.

Tiger decided to drag the bandwagon into the mix, so we had to set the record straight.

Admittadly, it’s more fun when you have a competitive product. But the 15,000 number is complete BS.

Do we really need another pissing match? :expressionless: