Sat Tickets


Tickets I can’t use I drop off at Big Brothers Big Sisters Hamilton, if you have no takers they will get used.
639 Main Street East, Hamilton

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hamilton and Burlington rely greatly on in-kind contributions from our local community and partners. If you are considering an in-kind donation, please e-mail us.
Examples of in-kind donations can include:

  • Event tickets for Big and Little Matches (ie. sporting, theatre, special events)

  • Discounted rates or gift certificates to restaurants and retail chains for Big and Little Matches use.

  • Silent and Live Auction Items for our annual Golf for Kids Sake Tournament

  • Prizes and giveaways for Bowl for Kids Sake Participants

  • Business services (marketing, administrative, technology, consulting)

I gave mine to the Ronald McDonald House. They were overjoyed.

Classy move blackandgold and Oskie18. Tiger-Cat fans are indeed “elite?.

Yes, great going to all fans who cannot use game tickets to give to community charities or to a neighbour or friend who can take a child, son, or daughter, or loved one.

Great to see when fans give away the unused tickets and make sure they get used by anyone rather than not at all!


I mail mine to the Argos head office…