Sat. May 11th: Prowl with the Cats @ the Climb for Cancer!

Join the Ticats Players, Cheer Team and Pig Skin Pete on Sat., May 11th for the Annual Climb for Cancer and 5 km walk at the Chedoke Stairs supporting Hamilton's Juravinski Regional Cancer Centre.
Come out with the CFL Fans Fight Cancer team and do the 5 km walk at 10:30 or the 1 hour Ron Lancaster Memorial Climb for just a $20 entry fee. You can also pledge or join the CFL Fans Fight Cancer Climbing/Walking team. ...

But wait there's more!
Hamilton Tiger Cats Peter Dyakowski and Mike Filer will be present for the 5K Walk from 10:30 - 12:00 pm.
Cheer team members Chelsea, Kara and Koryn will be there for the Ron Lancaster Family Memorial Climb from 12:00 - 1:00 pm. Climbing against some Argo' players and cheerleaders! Come help us climb past them!
Pigskin Pete is Mc'ing the entire event!
CFL Fans Fight Cancer will be hosting a Tailgate style BBQ during the entire event. Come get a Wally Parr sausage and cheer on the climbers!
The Box J Boys will be climbing too!
Let's show the CFL fan community how to kick this 2013 CFL Season off right buy supporting our community!
See you there and thanks for any support!

A bump supporting the Prowl with the Cats Ron Lancaster Memorial Climb on Saturday May 12.
Join us or pledge either way get in on the fun and knowledge that you're helping fight cancer in the Hamilton and GHA!

Less then a week before we hit the mountain or the trail!
Note: Pledges are for a flat rate and not per stair or kilometer.
A $10 will hugely help us reach our goal and anything is appreciated!
See you Saturday!

I hope everyone is getting their walking and stair climbing shoes on!
4 more sleeps until we hit the Chedoke stairs or Rail Trail!
Please join us or sponser the CFL Fans Fight Cancer team in the Ron Lancaster Memorial Climb that's part of the Climb for Cancer.
You can also join us Thursday night for the pre-climb party at Stonewalls from 6:30 to 9:30!

Won't be climbing but hope to make it out at lunch as we've done before for a dog and drink, you guys rock! :thup:

Thanks Earl!
Breaking News!
The Argo's are coming, the Argo's are coming!
Just confirmed, there will be Argo's Cheerleaders and players participating in the Ron Lancaster Memorial Climb at 12 noon this Saturday!
They will be climbing with our Ticat Cheerleaders, do like Earl, come out and get a Sausage at the CFL Fans Fight Cancer Tailgate BBQ booth, sit in bleachers and cheer on the climbers.
Or wear your Ticat colours, plop down your $20 at 11:00 am and join us in the 12 noon Ron Lancaster Jr. & Sr. Memorial Climb

Peter D. unfortunately can't make it but Matt Bucknor has stepped up with Mike Filer will be doing the stair climb with our Ticats Cheerleaders on Saturday. Good on ya guys we can't the Argo's show us up!

One more sleep before the CFL Fans Fight Cancer teams and hundreds others converge on the Chedoke Stairs in Hamilton for the Climb for Cancer. We'll be walking at 10:30 and Climbing at 12 noon until 1:00 with Ticat players and cheerleaders. The awesome CFL Fans Fight Cancer volunteers will be serving up sausages, dogs and pop with all the money raised from this event going to the Juravinski Regional Cancer Centre. Please help the CFL Fans Fight Cancer team and I reach out goal. Any donations help and are appreciated. Please donate online here! ...

Thanks Jare and others there today for the super eat and drinks. You guys were great and Jare, watching you slumber in your chair behind the barby with ice packs on your knees after the climbing you did and two seconds later going to cook some dogs and sausages, priceless. You are priceless my man!!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

This is the kind of experience as well that makes me proud to be not just a Ticats fan but a CFL fan. Unfortunately I don't think as many in the city of Hamilton see what is going on with these types of events and commitement from excellent people for excellent causes.

Thanks Earl, and thanks everyone for doing the Climb for Cancer and coming by the CFLFFC BBQ-Tailgate!
The volunteers of CFL Fans Fight Cancer always step up for this event and really enjoy doing it.
I hope in the coming years we'll have more and more Ticat fans joining in the Climb for Cancer's Ron Lancaster Memorial Climb.
It would be great to see all the different fan groups from Lot J submit a walking team and or a climb team wearing their colours. The volunteers of CFL Fans Fight Cancer see the climb as a chance to kick of the new season every year. Having Pigskin Pete kept everything going with the great emceeing all day and started the Lancaster Climb off with and Oskee Wee Wee! Having the chance to climb with Ticats players Matt Bucknor and the Mike Filer and (former Ticat) and present Argo Wayne Smith was awesome. It did not hurt either to have our Ticats and Argo Cheer team members climbing with us as well! Talk about inspiration! It was a fun day with great people, now lets bring on the season! GO CATS GO!

Thanks again for everyone's ongoing support of CFL Fans Fight Cancer!