Sat. game vs. Als won't be a cakewalk

I'm saying here that Sat. game is going to be a lot tougher than people think. Even with MacPherson in, Montreal will still be a force to reckon with. MacPherson is a lot better qb than Leak and the Als got a ton of great receivers plus a decent running game. We're going to have to bring our A game to win this thing. :cowboy:

The Als have a very good D and the Cats O will have to be creative against them. McPherson though has not played at game speed since the preseason so even with a full week of practice he is be at least a little rusty out there.

Hey Buck.... is anyone denying this? I heard a lot about the bend but not break defensive philosophy during last game but if those interceptions hadn't happened it would be the broken philosophy.

I agree with you completely. With all apologies to some other posters, our lack of consistent pressure on the QB (those 2 sacks ALSO came at just the right time... and I don't want people to tell me that the 'Cats were just saving those for when they wanted them most). That's 4 plays that determined the game from my perspective.

Yes, the good teams are also lucky teams.
Yes, the score really favoured us.
Yes, we made those plays.

However, that HASN'T been the story for the team so far- even during this winning streak. We don't have a consistent record of making those timely plays that demonstrates skill, not luck (yet).
We've proven that we can play but NOT that we're in any elite league.

We have problems. DB's and D-line pressure.
Our record against the rush is great. With the pass we leave acres of space open to the receivers.

With a healthy Calvillo I believe that our pass coverage would be shredded.
With a probably fairly recovered MacPherson we face someone who shouldn't dominate but if his receivers make the plays we are in tight.

By the way... those reports say Foley is talking to BC and the Argos. We may be in the mix (as the other thread states). Obie Wan.... listen to the force.

Here's how I read this.

"everyone talks about bend dont break, but the reality is if we had broke then bend don't break wouldn't have worked out."

Yup. You can't count on interceptions happening. Maybe if you have some smart ballhawks (where is your young clone Less Browne- or Henley ..... heck.... Gerald Bess or Al Brenner for that matter) you have some sensible hope but you still can't count on them happening AT THE RIGHT TIME.

With an interception loving player usually the opposition makes more catches but you get big momentum when you're successful. You had just be pretty successful,

Bend but don't break doesn't depend upon interceptions but upon forcing errors and taking away the big play. We have the playing loose part down pat but the rest is yet to show with consistency, in my limited opinion.

From one American football website-

In the bend but don't break philosophy, the defense will pull back a bit and do everything they can to insure that the offense never moves the ball more than four yards or so on a given play. The idea here is that at four yards per play, if the offense has to move the ball 80 yards so score, they have to have 20 good plays pretty much in a row. It's believed that very few offenses can put together 20 good plays without making a mistake. The bend but don't break defense will be watching very carefully for these mistakes, such as a fumble or a poorly thrown ball that can be intercepted. It's important in this defense that the defensive guys themselves make very few mistakes.

In the CFL there are fewer downs so the style adjusts somewhat the the basic idea is there.

By the way, I have the not so sneaking suspicion that most fans prefer watching an attacking defence.

Obie-wan: Rogers Centre. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.
Obie-wan: Those aren't the teams you are looking for.
Foley: Those aren't the teams I'm looking for.
Obie-wan: Move along ... down the road to Hamilton.
Foley: I'm moving along down the road to Hamilton.

If only it were that easy.

As long as Foley isn't a Hutt (and I believe the only Hutt currently playing in the CFL is Adriano Belli) then the Jedi mind tricks should work. Oh, and if he's not a Toydarian like Watto. Mind trick don't work on them, either.

(Yes, I'm a giant Star Wars geek)

If we can't win a home game while playing against a team that is without their starting quarterback, we don't deserve to be in 1st yet. With that said, i know the Als have a good Defense and it will be a fairly close game.

This game has all the hallmarks of a letdown game if they're not careful.

The short week makes that tough to do. It sounds like the normal 3 day practice routine, for the Cats, has been cut pretty much in half with Tuesday off and a less than full day Wednesday.

Agree with your comment, jordan2, and also with Katmandu's addition.

Here's a report on the Als' injured and possible changes:

[url=] ... son-debut/[/url]

I remember late in the season last year in Montreal, we played a great game but we couldn't pull it out. Now, I'm certain in that game Calvillo came out, MacPherson took over and played a solid game, passing and running. I'm thinking that Montreal will sent all kinds of blitzes at Glenn so the O-line and backs, better pick their blocks up. Also, Cobb better be on fire when he gets his number called. :cowboy:

That was the 41-38 game in Montreal that Glenn threw for over 500 yards in. McPherson did play in that game and he played very well.

I'm starting to get that feeling in my gut that this could be a game that is setting up to be a disappointment.

Just the reverse. It is the Als who are shaking. They have only played 7 games, including last week's loss to then 1-7 BC, since 1998 without Cavillo at quarterback. Their record in those 7 games?: 2-5.
And now they have to come into unfriendly Ivor Wynne and play the hungry, opportunistic, and confident Ticats.

Ticats 32
Als 20

Bob, I’m tired of hearing about Calvillo.

I’m one of the dummies that helped chase him out of town before the BYE. (Boy Young Era for the uninformed). Fumbelina we called him.

I hope the Als are trying to throw us (Marcel) off and Anthony is ready to play. I want to beat the best to be the best.

If he’s not, there’s always the playoffs. See you soon Calvillo. I regret booing you the the first time, but I’m pretty sure I won’t this time!!! Speedy recovery!!!

Oski Wee Wee!!!

I hope you're right. Let's just say that I am cautiously optimistic. I wouldn't be surprised by any result on Saturday.

We need a good performance again from our secondary and we need to stop Bowman, Stewart and especially Cox.Limit them to field goals, do not turn the ball over.

I seem to remember for a good part of the first half in the first game against Montreal our de-fense completely stymied the montreal O in the red zone and we held the meadow larks to only 10 pts in the first half. Calvillo would routinely leave the field with his arms in the air doing a "what the f*** is going on" to the coaches and to the guys on O.....its just our offense couldnt get anything done in the red zone....except for a couple field goals. Then in the second half the larks found their stride and took off...If we get a couple TDs early in this game and shut down the short passes to Cahoon and if our dline keeps couburn at bay, we should be able to shut them the question remains as to whether or not we can have over 50 yards rushing against montreals defense....

I wanted to track down the breakdown in playing time between Ham and Calvillo in '98 and '99 (it was about 50-50), but the juiciest part was this amusing-in-retrospect quote from Calvillo in '98:

"I'm sure these guys had some questions when I came here, but hopefully I've shown I can get the job done."

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