Sat. August 8th Attendance 28,000

Now that we're looking like a Football team again I hope the attendance is above 27,000. Actually there is no reason why we shouldn't sell out, let's see the 29,500 seats at Ivor WS packed. We were selling out when we sucked, now we're a improved football team and are showing big signs of hope for this season let's go people and make some noise and help this team get better by doing our part. We play a big part on some of these big defensive stands in the past couple home games.

Oskee Wee Wee......

I think we will get 23,500.

It will be after Labour Day when we start seeing better crowds. People are waiting to see if we are the real deal.

We never sold out when we 'sucked', they gave away tons of tickets in those years.

I think the forecast might hamper the attendance.

8) You're right. I figure 20-22,000 if the rain isn't too bad.
  If the weather is perfect.....23-24,000.

the last time we sold out was 2005 with 29,600(Tor.) fans against toronto in the labour day classic (week 11) the score was 33-30 for HAMILTON!!!!! according to the CFL website although i thought that was the game that tied 33-33

I think the tie was 2004 and the score was 31-31, could be wrong about the score since it’s just by memory.

All I remember is that I needed the Cats by 4 on ProLine to win $200 bucks. I was jumping up and down when the d stopped the Argos...............................then all I heard is flag for pass interference! That really ruined my extra day off!

Thanks for all the input but really, lets just go and make some bloody noise.

Festival of Friends starts this weekend.

Idea: Send the Tiger-Cat cheerleaders over to the festival at Gage Park on Friday night and Saturday to hand out invitations/ $5.00 vouchers to all Festival of Friends attendees so they can be reminded to get their butts over to Ivor Wynne Stadium on Saturday night @ 6: 30 pm (a mere few blocks away), then at the game itself, give some free promotion to the Festival for Sunday by mentioning it to the crowd during the game a few times.....

my prediction: 24,500

I remember that. Couldn't believe it...might have been the loudest chorus of boo's I've heard at Ivor Wynne...and that's saying something.

well they are offering a free pop and hotdog which is a little more than 5 dollars when you buy a Platinum Gold or Silver ticket for Sat and that is open to everyone.

8) Hey, what about season ticket holders in Platinum or Gold.
 Can't we get a free hotdog and pop too  ????      <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Hope someone’s taking notes…this is a good idea. Though festival organizers might be a bit peeved…some Ticat presence over there would be good.

Festival of Friends will be this weeks excuse why people won't go to the game last week was a long weekend but a lot of people were in bars waching the game or just stayed home next week will be Johnny's violin lessons there is always an excuse.We have 20,000 great fans the rest are just bandwagon fans look for a sellout on Labour day then we will be back to our regular 20,000-24,000.We do make a lot of noise for a small crowd.

Gotta be optimistic ballboy. We're emerging from 4 years of putrid football and still over 20k are showing up.

As a newbie I don't know enough of the team's history to judge their results to date, but generally speaking in football if you can play some defense and have a solid running game you are the 'real deal'.

welcome to Tabbie land Winter

Ticats win 11 games,Toronto misses the playoffs. In the West Sask misses the playoffs, no cross overs this year.

Hamilton gets 40,000 shortly

Given all the promos for Saturday’s game (free hot dog, etc) I’m guessing ticket sales are lacking. It’s a shame because this could very well be the pivotal game of the season.