SaskTel MaxTron

Just thought I would say that the Big Screen is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smiley:

I do however wish that on plays when a penalty is called they show the replay pertaining to the penaly rather than the play that is negated. But other than that AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Riders!!!!!

I agree it added a lot to the game. The picture was so clear, and I even got on the Maxtron for a few short seconds there. The Maxtron made a great night even better.

If kicking the shit out of the Blue Bombers isn't good enough, then that made it a very enjoyable night.

yeah i agree that the Maxtron was awesome!!! I wish i could have actually been at the game to see it live...but o well .

yeah that maxtron adds to the game alot. i enjoyed it

It is awesome. I like the clips of nostalgic Rider players, and then of the team now. The games at Taylor Field have always been exciting, but now the games have a new edge and entertainment value.