Sask's financial situation...

What's the deal with the Riders right now? I hear some people say that they are in dire straits (financially), and not having a home playoff game would be really bad for their situation, and even though others say that they're fine (financially), this worries me. Their attendance seems to be very good this year, and even though I am not a "Rider Prider", I sincerely hope that they aren't in any bad fiscal situation right now, because I think that they're a great team with great fans, and I hope for the very best for them.

If they are in a bad situation (which I hope they're not), how do you think they could fix it? A Bigger Stadium which would accomodate more than its current 27,732, maybe? Any thoughts/comments are much appreciated.

I dont think a bigger stadium would work. It would cost a ridiculous amount to build. The province would have to pay for it; all of it (Pat Fiacco blows the cities budget on too many things to think about football) We could win the cup that might bring us some more money. We could maybe add some seats but that might just cost too much money.
If anybody knows if we are in debt it would be nice to know. Season tickets sales are always a big bonus. I dont know how to make a team enough money to get out of debt or stay outta debt but maybe this is all Shivers fault? Anybody know if we are in finacial peril.

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Thanks for the concern. On this Entire forum I have never heard anybody say much good about the riders.

I think the Riders are fine, have a look at the State of the Fanchise address by the owner back in May.

We will be fine. For now. A home playoff game would have been really really nice, but if we don't get one, it won't sink us.

We always have to help these riders out.They are like the anchor of the CFL.
Nice job rider fans, try supporting your team.Then we wouldn't have to worry about your money problms.Smarten up!!!

The Riders are doing fine this year.

And saskargo you have a very short memory. I seem to remember bailing out the Argos and the Ti-cats two years ago. We would actually be doing better now but all of our grey cup profits went to that cause.


You and me gone fishing in the dark.
Took the bait.Now to real you in.
You rider fans sure are suckers!!!!

Holy Cow. Why Must you Hate SO MUCH? You said we should try to support the riders. Dont you realize that almost every game is sold out. No team comes close to that. Look at toronto They wouldnt even come close to selling out a game. I understand torontos stadium is bigger but but i cant think of one team that comes close to our attendance percentage wise. Please try not to be so biased it really gets old and discredits you.

.....not to mention that this coming Sunday's game was sold out ten days beforehand.....shows support to me.....

they had the GC in 2003, remember?

Does Hank get a percentage!


I bet nothing gets the Riders blood borling than seeing Burris in a Stamps unifrom.

Doesn't bother me at all.....If we don't win it, I'm cheerin' for the Stamps.....

GO STAMPS GO…unbeaten for the rest of the season!!! ( for ottawa’s sake, please beat sask. )

Number 53576368686786,
Don’t be bitter.You should take anger management courses.
I have no hate in my body.
Of course Saskatchewan has the most fans per Cpaita(SP).
What else is there to do In Saskatchewan?
All the other cities have something else you can do.
Edmonton you got hockey.
Calgary you got hockey.
Ottawa ,Hockey.
Well maybe not Winnipeg.However they have a hell of alot more to do.
The only reason this weeks game is sold out.BURRIS!!!
You guys have only sold out Labour Day.
Don’t be upset you guys won’t have a home playoff spot.What is it going to be now?18 years.That must be a record.
Come on rider fans show your support.
I feel like a fisherwoman in New Brunswick.

I never Liked Hank until this Year.I don't know why.
I hope he has the game of his life this weeknd.Why?Then Saskatchewan will be heading over to the East.Revenge will be sweet!!!!!

Regina = Winnipeg Jr.

Saskatoon = Edmonton Jr.

That is so true EskJebus.
Good call!!!