SaskRider Games on Ottawa Radio

Just heard that CFRA in Ottawa will be carrying the CKRM radio feed of Sask Rider games including tonights preseason.

Thats pretty cool. Have fun Listening to Carm

if are listening to it now :stuck_out_tongue: u can hear the RIDERS are giving it to the Eskimos on there turf :rockin: :cowboy: ya ya preseason :slight_smile:

Yeah this probably means we will get our a$$e$ handed to us next week.

Looks like we got ourselves a kicker though....


Congi did okay last night - 2/2 on fieldgoals, and a 43 yard punt average, which isn't huge, but not bad for a rookie.

If Dickenson plays like he did last Thursday when the Riders go to BC, we will be 0-1 to start the season. Garaunteed.

IMO it should be a good game and a very good test for the RIDERS :rockin: with the new improved offence :cowboy: our D should be all over BC offence, good game good game cant wait :twisted: