Saskatoon to Regina Bus??

Just wondering if anyone knows how much the Rider busses cost to get from Saskatoon to Regina..... Billy Soup, possibly looking in your direction. I am trying to figure out how many games I can afford to come to Regina for this year, and a cheap mode of transportation would increase that number greatly. AIf anyone can help that would be super. Thanks

I have always driven. My dad lives down there so I usually make a weekend out of it, so I drive myself. And the couple occasions that I went on a bus it was with a group, and it was pretty cheap. I went with the Law students last year to the CAlgary game, and I think it was like 50-60 bucks, including a ticket, bus, and beer till the keg ran out. I know of others that go on busses, and it isn't that expensive.

You should try talking to the rider office, and they could probably direct you toward a bus line that has affiliation with them. Dash tours or something.

Or get a group of friends together and drive down yourself.

well worth the ride :mrgreen: and considering tickets are around $40, so that is cheap :wink: even tickets & bus to either Calgary or Winnipeg is cheap :slight_smile:

Those buses use to be real fun about 5 years ago.
You pay around $35.00 dollars. You get food,muchies and a ll the booze you could drink.
It changed,and you get the same stuff just NO BOOZE.
Sponsors couldn't afford to give beer to all the Drunks.However it use to be a good time.!!!

Do these buses go down for every game, and do you know if it is possible to just hitch a ride. I already have tickets, but my wife and I don't think we could afford to make it to all six games I want to go to. I have family in Regina and I like to make a weekend out of it too, but with no games falling on long weekends it makes for a lot of trips down at ~$120/trip and on a students budget it is not very feasible. Do you guys think/know if they would just let me catch a bus ride for slightly less $$? Just asking. Thanks.

Dr.rise my brother is a die hard rider fan.He drives down to the games all the time!!!
I'll see what I could do for you!!!

We also will be going to a couple games this season, Doc.....providing we don't have guests accompanying us, you're welcome to tag along.....we have to go right through Saskatoon to get there.....

Thanks for the offer guys. I really appreciate it. I hope I can just convince my wife that the trip is worth it, but she thinks we have to BUDGET. Who ever heard of a budget....REALLY?? My goals are to go to the games vs. BC, Cal, Cal, Ham, Winn, Edm. Please don't feel any obligation to me. I will get to the games one way or another. I still have to talk to the Rider office about busses. Again thanks.

Go Riders!!

Dr. Rise I'm going to the Argo/rider game.
I am going with people from my church.
You can hook a ride with us.
The game is on a Sasturday.So we will have to make sure we sleep on the way back.The reason is,we have church the next morning.
God bless you all.
Go riders go!!!

Why sleep on the way guys could play spin the bottle or something..
Thats what my church group does..Strip poker is fun