Saskatoon Hilltops @ Hamilton Hurricanes for CJFL Crown

I don't see too much talk about our Hamilton Hurricanes taking on the Saskatoon Hilltops this Saturday in the CJFL final @ 1 pm @ Ivor Wynne! 8)

Yes the Hilltops will be favoured but who had the Best Defense in the land this year? The Hurricanes!!!!

I wish I could make it to this game and then the EDSF finals on Sunday for TWO Hamilton Football Victories this weekend,

Oskie Wa Wa :rockin:

Hamilton 21 Saskatoon 17

What do you mean TWO Hamilton Victories this weekend. Lets not forget McMaster at Western for the Yates Cup on Saturday. Thats the game Ill be at. I was thinking about going to Montreal for the game, but it would have only worked if the East final was there.

Well, Saskatoon got the win at IWS 29-1 at IWS.

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And I'm sure you had a good time at that game as McMaster won the Yates Cup 41-19 over Western. I thought that UWO team coached by former Ticat HC Greg Marshall (and quarterbacked by his son, Donnie Marshall) would get the win. But Mac pulled off the upset and will take on Acadia in the Uteck Bowl in Moncton next week.

And now we hope for two Hamilton victories this week. :slight_smile:

Congrats to the Marauders.

High Five, I Like !!!!!!!

Hamilton don't like playing at home in the playoffs this weekend,

I was sad to see one of my long time friends, Darryl Wheeler, a Saltfleet product, proud Hamiltonian, and punter/holder on PAT fieldgoal for the Mustangs play last game today as an amatuer . . . :frowning:

Either way, lets make this road thing a good thing and have our Ticats make it 2-1 tomorrow in monreal!!! :lol:

Congrats Hilltops, my gf's father will be ribbing me about this one in the coming days :thdn: :lol:

Marauders looked totally sharp today, Quinlan is the real deal.

Don't follow the junior circuit but congrats to the Hilltops for a convincing championship win today.

Mac is a Better Team the Ticats IMO

Do you honestly think Mac has a better chance of winning a game between the two teams? Come on!

Well, if he believes that, then I suppose he believes that McMaster would have beat Montreal today.

And I know the Marauders are good, but... :wink: