Saskatoon Hilltop player has charges for murder "stayed."

(stolen from the CBC website)

Adrian Charles, a star running back with the Saskatoon Hilltops, will not have to face criminal charges in Ontario.

Charles was 22 when he was arrested last October and charged with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder, in relation to a shooting in 2008 in Pickering, Ont.

Now, court officials in that province say charges against Charles have been stayed, meaning the case will not proceed.

Charles, a popular player for the junior football club in Saskatoon, is from Whitby, Ont.

It was alleged that Charles played a role in a drive-by shooting in May 2008, by making a phone call to a pair of men involved in the shooting. One of the targets was a Crown witness in a different shooting case.

Charles spent almost two months in custody before being granted bail last December.

I wonder if he comes back to play

Probably not. Charges “stayed” does not necessarily mean he had nothing to do with the alleged crime. It just means that the crown does not have enough evidence to pursue a case against him.

He did make a phone call to the two men who tried to murder a witness for the crown just prior to the murder attempt. What that phone call was all about is not reported. I doubt it was a purely innocent call just to see if his pals want to go see a movie with him after they finished wacking this guy. I think it could very well be one of those situations where the crown knows the guy is as guilty as sin but proving it is another issue.

At the very least, I would wonder about his choice of friends if anything else.

to get this topic onto topic of the riders. i wonder if the riders would give Adrian a chance, or atleast a spot at TC.


He is not a "hometown" boy. He is from Ontario. The 'riders already have Szarka, Hughes and Foord. Why waste the money and the bed space at Luther College during training camp for someone who has zero chance of making the team?

Besides, there is no doubt he has "issues" which one is for certain his choice of friends. The 'riders need zero controversy right now which signing him would most likely bring.

ET (if he is still around) seems to like young guys who have had it rough in life and have shown some turn around but only if they are talented. He is hardly a "feel good" story.