Saskatchewn Roughriders 2007 Grey Cup Winners (ALL MERGED)

Grats Riders

a slow start, but a great finish for the Riders... Congrats to the Province of Saskatchewan and all their Rider Fans!!

grats on the win. would have been nice to see a better game. Sask had to hang on against a Glennless bombers and both teams looked a bit flat.

May I say congratulations to the Riders. I'm heartbroken (especially for Milt) but I must say the Riders and all of Rider Nation deserve the Cup. If the Bombers couldn't win then there is no other team I'd rather lose too.

Congrats RIDERS!!!

defensive battle and a close score the whole game....kept my interest alot more than last years, where the outcome was determined early and made the game unwatchable.

this game was 1 score - 1 drive from going to winnipeg.

Ugly, ugly win, but I'll take it...Dinwiddie has a future in this league...he showed great glimpses tonight...

Congratulations Riders fans.

I wish we could have had Glenn today, but that being said, the Riders did what they had to, to win.

Johnson was everywhere today, great job. I’m pretty sure there was 3 of him. :wink:

Well deserved, Rider fans. :slight_smile:

Wasn't necessarily ugly, it was just a gritty defensive battle. Both defenses played great but the deciding factor was inexperience from Dinwiddie. There's always next year...

I don't know about that jm02 but the Riders earned the win,PERIOD! Congradulations To The Saskatchewan Roughriders and their fans!!!!!If my Bombers didn't win which,of course they didn't then there's no other team in the CFL I'd rather see take the Title!!!Way to go SASKATCHEWAN!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations To Rider nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!best fans in the world in any sport IMO....Enjoy it it was a long time waitin.... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

...congratulations Roughriders on a great season and your third Grey Cup...

you win some you lose some there is always next year

RIDERS WIN!!!! I was so happy for KJ he is a very emotional guy he didnt have a great game but put up enough points to win



Man. It wasn't a high offensive game like I thought it'd be, but it was definitely a nail-biter! Congratulations to the Riders for the win.

It was a great game by both defenses. I am happy for Sask win and would like to thank Winnipeg for not giving up. It could have went either way until the last minute. And that is good.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Ugly but we did it, next year we can do it again only not so sloppy, but woooooooot!

Sorry KK-FTW but next year is our turn!!! Congrats and enjoy!! The Riders are#1...thats it thats all!!

Bombers in 2008!!!!

Congratulations to the Saskatchewan Rough Riders and all those Rider fans out there.
You had a great seasion and the Grey Cup is now in the hands of a great team.
You earned it.

Great game Riders, you guys deserved it, Dinwiddie had me believing he could pull it out at the end but not. Enjoy the victory.

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