Saskatchewans QB situation

Ok, lets be honest. We need a QB. SO far this year, it seem as though Durant seems more like a back up rather then a starter. And Jyles ......!! hasnt almost every pass from jyles been a pick?? we need to get rid of all the Qb's that are just fillingup our roster, and get a good one! i mean dont you think that if we had a guy like calvillo, we would be better!! also miller! come on man, stop calling the short passes when its like 2nd and 10. And if its not you calling the plays, or youroffensive coordiator, then you better get some control of your team. I am sorry to say, but if i had a chance tocoach the team, i would probably do a better job. even though i have never coached a cfl team before. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


Would not surprise me at all if Casey Printers got a phone call in the next week or so.

Either from BC, Toronto, or Saskatchewan. All three seem to have QB issues; if it doesn't get sorted out in the next week or so, I'd expect someone to make a call to Printers.

Well BC already passed on Printers and they have enough at QB position. Toronto is in bed with Joseph and the coaching staff of the Riders have too much of an ego to admit they were wrong and will leave the QB status the same. On the other hand, WInnipeg might send Bishop home and call Printers! As we saw last night, Bishop has lost his cat like reflexes and can't avoid running into his own guys on the field. Just a thought tho. :slight_smile:

we are doing fine with our QB dont forget the QB "all-stars" of the west are also 3-3 agreed the offencive play calling is weak

So maybe we should just make a trade for Anthony Calvillo, it must be easy right?

Everyone in this province and abroad (myself in Grande Prairie) want the roughies to win every game.
Our quarterbacks are young and inexperienced so we will have growing pains
I for one was never a Durant fan and its funny now that the same people complaining about our quarterbacks are the same who didnt want Durant to sign elsewhere.

TIllman made a mistake keeping ,is it now 5 unexperienced qb’s
Heres a bigger question
Do we actually need 5 of them?
We need an experienced qb at least as a backup.
We are like a great hockey team without a goalie

Look at Hamilton (KG)
People arent laughing about that team now

Be used to losing for a long time
We MAY have a quarterback with good numbers in 2011

Would it be better if the RIders still had Joseph? He has got to be 35 or 36… Would it be better if Joseph was the qb and none of the young ones were playing? What would that do for 2010? Or for 2011? I thought Joseph was a great qb. But the way he is playing now I think playing the young qbs is better for the RIders than having him.


I'll agree there as well.

HIndsight is always 20/20, but let's face it, other than that MOP season in 2007 Joseph hasn't been stellar; he wasn't in Ottawa and he hasn't been in Toronto in 2008 and so far in 2009.

you do realize saying our young guns are better then Joseph isnt saying much

I didnt say to keep Joseph.
We could have gotten Maas, Glen, but management decided not too as a backup qb.

This is very similar to the season we were having in 1989 with Austin and Burgess as the gunslingers. We finished at nine and nine but by the playoffs the young quarterbacks had come into their own. The rest is history! None of us believed in this past off season that our young guys were going to dominate. Look at the history of 1989 and let's be patient.

Jason Maas, are you kidding me? We had him last year - his name was Marcus Crandall. A lifelong backup who made a career out of one good run.

Glenn - that's a tougher call, but I really don't think our guys are any worse than he is.

agreed :rockin:
dont forget that our QBs are young and inexperienced, what they need is an O-line which we dont have :roll: and the QBs will come along

We knew in the off-season that we were going to be going with inexperienced QBs! With that in mind our number one prioriy should have been to put together the most formidable o-line possible! We made a token effort by signing McGrath but that was about the extent of the effort made. Then we ended up getting Dan Goodspeed in the blockbuster trade but chose to send him to Hamilton. Someone is not minding the store!

Tough to mind the store when you don't leave the house.

At the time, signing McGrath gave us arguably the best offensive line in the league---the highest paid as well. How formidable did you want it to be?
Goodspeed would have been not much better than the two tackles we had Belton and Smith. All 5 guys would be potential all-stars.
Unless you believe in bad karma, I am not sure you can actually blame the events that followed on ET. Smith gets a season ending injury before TC even starts. McGrath gets pouty and goes home. Geno has a serious injury in the final exhibition game. Belton sustains not one, but two serious injuries in the first game of the year and will miss over half the season, minimum. And the guy we got in the Goodspeed deal ends up on the 9 game (though that one may be convenience on our part). So rather than the best o-line, we began the year with the worst.
Had we known, I am sure we would have kept Goodspeed--though that was a 3-way deal and we may not have had that option anyway.

I'm not quite so sure. . . I think Toronto is giving the Riders a pretty good run for their money for that particular "honour."

With 71 players under contract, there is no excuse :wink: