Saskatchewan's 100th Anniversary

The Saskatchewan Roughriders were founded in 1910, making this season their 100th anniversary. Are there any special events going on to mark the occasion?

Go to the Riders website

or the Leader Post

they will have info

Actually the Saskatchewan Roughriders officially came into existence in 1950, so they are only 60 years old this year. The name Roughriders was first used in 1924 (and that was the Regina Roughriders), so not even 100 years of Roughrider football. It would be correct to celebrate 100 years of football in Regina, but not the centenial of the 'Riders.

Before anyone jumps all over me, I'm just going by the convention used by the league, if there is a name change, it counts as a different team (ie the Tiger-cats can't claim to be formed in 1869 because they added "cats" to their name in 1950 and the Blue Bombers can't count their first Grey Cup in '35 because they were know as the 'Pegs at that time). The football team in Calgary has been around since 1906, but underwent a number of name changes thoughout the years, the last being in 1945, when they became the Stampeders (and they never celebrated a Stampeder centenial in 2006, which is pretty much the same thing that the 'Riders are doing this year).

No need to twist historical facts just to give people something to celebrate. It's kind of sad that the 'Riders feel have to do this to make them and their fans feel good.

This post is truly what is sad. The fact that you feel the need to bash a great accomplishment by a great organization shows you're petiness. I am not a Rider fan, but I will do nothing but congratulate them on their 100th anniversary. They may have changed their name, but fact is it is the same organization from 1910, same as the fact that Hamilton is still the same organization from back in 1869. The Bombers can absolutely count their first cup in 35, it doesn't make a difference whether they changed their name. I hear the brand 'spray and wash' has just changed the name of their product to 'resolve', does that mean they are supposed to forget the previous decades they were around as spray and wash, and forget all the success they had under that name? That doesn't make sense to me.

Thanks Chris. Wouldn't be the same if one of us Rider fans used exactly the same words. So Mercedes' history doesn't count because, when they merged with Benz and changed their name to ... never mind. It's probably pointless to point it out.

hey buddy. this is celebrating Pro Footbal in Saskatchewan for 100 years.. not necessarily the Roughriders specifically.