Saskatchewan wins another poll

I admit that this week it is extremely difficult to pick an offensive player of the week. There were a surprising number of incredible individual games by offensive players across the league. What isn't surprising though is that Saskatchewan has won yet another fan vote poll.

With all the great efforts Wes Cates got a whopping third of the votes. I'm not necessarily saying he doesn't deserve it, but it would be nice if a non-Saskatchewan result would win for a change.

those roughrider fans pounce on the CFL polls, just like Tiger-Cats pounce on Boatmen

Which poll? I missed it … but if the Riders won it without me, I guess it’s okay … but now I feel so worthless, unneeded. Oh the pain … :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothin' stopping the other fans from pouncing...

What do you expect the only other thimg to do in Saskatchewan is watch the wheat grow.

I'm in North Carolina. We just watch the tobacco grow here. And our asses, of course.

Rider players win every poll, because Rider fans are addicted to them.

By the time I saw the poll, voting was over. The last game ended after 1 this morning, and this afternoon I had already missed the poll.

I think there may be a feeling of insecurity among Rider fans, that they feel the need to win these polls so that they can feel loved. But we love you guys anyway, even if your players aren't always picked as the best in unscientific internet polls.

It's going to be Ricky Ray as the Offensive player of the week and they'll give Lumsden the second fiddle Canadian of the week award. Very similar situation last year when Fantuz had his huge game against the Ticats and then Burris won offensive player of the week, they love the QB.

What poll??
The one that asked whether Canadians wanted our standard time to be Newfoundland time, on the half - hour!!!!!!!!!!

I think you are exaggerating this, because you want to troll and get a response. There have been quite a few polls that Rider players haven't won lately, so your argument is invalid. I agree to whoever said that other team's can pounce a rig a poll in their favour.

The other thing is, who in the hell cares anyway? Its nothing more than unscientific survey, but if they wanted fair results, why not just pick the same percentage of fans from each team say 8-10, and that way the results wont be so skewed in the Rider's favour.

And the rest of the CFL fans were prevented from casting their votes just how, exactly???

Nobody is "complaining" that Saskatchewan wins every poll.

he was just bringing up the fact that its so amazing how the Riders win Every poll.

I don't guess that it was all Rider fans who voted for Cates, either. A majority for Cates doesn't make it a "Rider" win far as I can tell. It means that most fans thought his play deserved their vote. And while I agree that Cates had an outstanding game, I thought Lumsden was phenomenal and he got my vote this week.

I picture some young computer geek that hacks into these polls and puts the Riders ahead just because he can! that's the only logical reason I can see the Riders winning any other poll legit except for the most arrogant fans poll! they do deserve that one hands down with honours! get over yourselves your not that good a team!

Say what you will about the Riders, but please, subjects, do it on one knee as you look up at the Grey Cup Champions, the team who can play the janitor as QB and still slap your inferior teams around like schoolboys.

Did you see that photo of Eric Tillman, surrounded by the Rider faithful as he held the Grey Cup high? Does he not look like a god? ... -extension

Spew your uncouth verbal diarrhea if that is the most sophisticated speech you are capable of uttering, but the moment you speak of the Riders you worship them, adore them, idolize them, for they are the Grey Cup Champions and your pretenders are not.

Kneel at the altar of the Grey Cup in Saskatchewan and subjugate yourselves. Perhaps the gridiron gods will grant your pitiful teams mercy.

I really disagree with this statement. The Rider fans vote on these polls because they know that it will annoy some people, and they will come here to complain. They must be on cloud 9 thinking that they got to someone enough to start a thread about this very thing. The more people complain, the more the Rider fans will skew the polls that a Rider player is involved in. If it is ignored enough, the novelty of having the Riders win every poll will wear off, and the numbers will more reflective of what all CFL fans think. I personally don't vote with the Rider bias in any of the polls, but egging those that do on by whining & complaining does not solve the problem.

Amen brother!!!

edit offensive

You need to have lived in Saskatchewan to embrace why our blood flows green. We have no other pro sports and for generations we as a province had little to cheer about financially or in sports. The Riders are as sacred to us and the Montreal Canadians are to folks in Quebec. Yes it is a religion. You can tell by the fact that folks will choke down even Boh beer if it has a rider logo on it lol

Well I can understand that nythril...well said. My favorite cousin moved to Saskatchewan to get married and she never moved back...loves it there.

On the flipside, we here in Vancouver have other teams and that may explain our loyalty and need to defend the Lions. You see, as a diehard Canuck fan, I've always had my Lions to fall back on when the hockey team was struggling. Perhaps that's why we're so "high" on the Lions - when the Canucks let us down, the Lions picked up the slack. When teams were battling for the Stanley Cup and we were out, we still had the Lions to look forward to.