Saskatchewan/Winnipeg Grey Cup???

Unlike 2006, there are no dominant teams in 2007. Top 4 teams are close in number of points. Also 3rd place teams have potential. So the grey cup matchup is up for grabs this year. The playoffs are like a lottery. Best teams don't always win. But the champion is one team that can win 2-3 consecutive games.

It would end in a tie!

Grey Cup: Hamilton at Edmonton

If Michael Bishop is actually as good as everyone says he is, then I think Toronto is now better than Winnipeg with him in the lineup.

But if Bishop is being praised because he beat up on a Hamilton defense, and a very battered Calgary defense, then maybe Edmonton will crossover in the end.

I really wasn't making a prediction. I just thought that these two would put on quite a game 'IF' they both made it to the cup. If they did then Winnipeg by 6! BC are the defending grey cup champions and once Buck returns this team is still the team to beat. The Sask/Cal game this weekend is going to really tell alot in the west.

Agreed, Buck will help the Lions a lot. Now if we could only get Dave back...

If we could only get Davis, Jurineak, Lucas, Lynch, Frazier and Fleiszer back it would help out our defence. :slight_smile:

I guess it's safe to say that every team has to deal with injuries in one form or another.3 of the top teams in the league right now have had their secondaries decimated along with the Qb's for BC and Toronto yet these teams are still tops in the standing except TO for now! Montreal could slide without Calvillo but then again they could maintain at least 2nd in the east. We'll see! Calgary have been inconsistant but are playing well. If Hamilton wouldn't of lost Lumsden they would of been much more competitive. Toronto have Bishop back and will only improve. Injuries are an unfortunate reality and like has been mentioned many times before the strongest teams find a way to win regardless of their particular situation. With the way things are shaping up we are in for a heck of a run to the end of the season. Who will finish where is truly anyones prediction.

Oh don't worry, Dickenson isn't our only injury.