Saskatchewan/Winnipeg Grey Cup???

A little early but certainly possible and what a game it would be at a neutral site in late November. Of course I can think of a few teams who may have something to say about it first. It would be pretty hard to better the Edmonton/Montreal grey cup two years ago but these two could put on quite a show in TO!

Still a long way to go for both of these teams.

Just as long for yours..RLR

Gonna be tough for the Riders to keep up this kind of run, as we've seen the last 31 years it's been very difficult for them to finish first. Couple that with teams getting healthier, it's never a given who will be in the Grey Cup.

Rider fans should know more than anyone that being first after 10 games means little.

Can you go be a poor sport somewhere else?

I figured this would be a turkeybend topic. :stuck_out_tongue: It would definitely make for an interesting Cup. Just did a quick scan, and it doesn't look like these two teams have ever met in the Grey Cup... :o

No they haven't Chief and yes RLR it's a long season yet but these two teams are evenly matched and it could be quite the show if they made it to the cup.

remember that the next time you start babbling about the Lions

The difference between the Lions and the Riders is that the Lions have actually won the Grey Cup in recent years. I think they won it last year, made it to the Grey Cup in 2004 and won it in 2000.

The Riders have been speaking of winning the Grey Cup or being GC favourites for so many years now without showing anything. They haven't been first this late in a season since 1976. I don't think it's far-fetched for me to say that the Riders fans should not be getting ahead of themselves.

Think about that, 31 years since you've been in first in a 4 team Western division 10 games into a season. I wouldn't get too carried away.

wouldn't be so great if the game was like the one today. the referee-ing was brutal.

Hey RLR, the Eskimos have won more GC than any other team and yet where are they now? They won it in 2005, and then fell to 7-11 in 2006. Winning the GC last year doesn't mean sh!t... :roll:

Hey RLR, with all do respect, in professional sports it is what have you done for me lately. Yes BC has been relatively consistent for the last 4 or 5 years. But the league is very competitive.

Saskatchewan has just as good an opportunity to win it all based on performances year to date.

I would say the top four teams in the league right now, in no particular order, Montreal, Saskatchewan, BC, Winnipeg. And as the last two weeks have shown they can beat each other.

For Saskatchewan the next three weeks will be a critical test. If they could go 3 and 0 it would be exceptional, but 2 and 1 would be great.

I agree with you, and the latest major accomplishment of a team in the CFL has been the 2006 Lions winning the Grey Cup. Now I understand we are probably underdogs this year, as it is especially difficult to repeat, especially missing your top 2 QB's, but I think we still have a strong chance.

Should be a great last half of the season, but it's the playoffs where things start to REALLY matter.


You drive me crazy!

The Lions are actually my second team. Always have been my whole family is from Vancouver and have been to a few games in BC myself but you are unbelievelable in your Bias.

Your points are written in a way to make everybody else seem like idiots. Meanwhile when we all step back and read the posts, you are the only one who looks foolish; even when you are right. Believe that.

Its a possibility as long as Joseph and Glenn stay healthy down the stretch. I still think BC,TO,Montreal and Calgary can beat these two teams any given game. Its gonna be a great fall season for sure.

Well it would certainly be an entertaining game based on thier recent clashes.

I still think Mtl has a good chance at winning the east. Its a shame that the 2 best teams in the east don't meet till the last week of the season.

Talk about a history making Grey Cup!

Any predictions on who would win? Just for fun, of course. :smiley:

After the Banjo Bowl I will not make any predictions.

I predict that neither of these teams will play in the 2007 Grey Cup in Toronto.

I think Mtl.should be more worried about facing the Argos in the semis.

The only drawback of a Winnipeg-Saskatchewan Grey Cup is you just know that the Toronto media will bitch and moan because there are no eastern teams involved.

They'll try to tell us that nobody in the east will care and that the "real" big game will be the one played in Buffalo or wherever south of the border.

It seems like a Grey Cup tradition for the media to always try to rain on the CFL's parade.

But every year the bloody thing is always sold out and draws millions of viewers. You just have to laugh.