Saskatchewan winning puts Esks in 1st or 3rd situation

We already know the Riders will be playing in full force with all the starters, so no worry there even though the game is meaningless in the standings for us. That being said when the Riders win tomorrow, the Esks will be put in a 1st or 3rd situation going into Calgary. BC will be 12-6 to end the season when the Riders beat them. Prior to Sunday's game has the EE at 11-6 and Stamps at 10-7.

Stamps win and

  1. BC 12-6
  2. CGY 11-7
  3. EE 11-7

Since Calgary wins season series with Esks 2-1 they get 2nd.

Esks win

  1. EE 12-6
  2. BC 12-6
  3. CGY 10-8

Since Edmonton has won the season series with BC 2-1 they would be 1st.

How confident are you Esks fans about your team winning in Calgary this Sunday? Regardless of the Riders game if you lose you get 3rd place either way. I know I guaranteed the Riders would do their part to help you guys out, but how about the EE themselves?

the esks will beat the stumpeders, but i doubt sask will beat b.c. but i hope they do.......

I don’t doubt the Riders will beat the Lions.