Saskatchewan will make it to Grey Cup again

I truly believe this. The the real question is about their opponents. Who will the Riders face?

Obviously, at this stage in the game, it's all guessing. But, God forbid it's the Montreal Allouettes.

Beating the Als in the Grey Cup would be like losing a best-two-out-of-three series. When losing a best-two-out-of-three series is the best outcome, it's hard to brag. That's all I'm saying there.

Either way, I believe we'll be in the Grey Cup again. And this time, we'll win it!

I hope so to, but if I was a betting man I would say BC will be there. They seem to have the most stability and be the most improved team going into the season. all the other teams out West have seen big changes, BC had a great second half of the season to build on. remember the shootout in the West semi? BC no longer has the rookie o-line, rookie qb

BC's quarterbacks have a history of having a glass jaw. I cant see their starter lasting a full season.

Hard to tell at this point boys......but since we are making suggestions, I'm going '89 rematch.

For the sake of vengeance, I would like to get another crack at Mtl but for the sake of the league, it would be better to have some other opponent - not good to have the same two teams in the final year after year. An 89 rematch would be good then :slight_smile:

Won’t be in no Grey Cup if we don’t get a field goal kicker who can make field goals.

Agreed...but we'll get there!

Until we see the impact of not having Fantuz, Bagg, etc this year, I will reserve my judgment till later in the year. I'm glad you are confident.

Nah, Thryllin is right - we're gonna be there. Gotta have faith, my man. Did we get there without Chick and Baggs last year? Same think this year! :slight_smile:

If we beat Montreal in the Grey Cup this year, it's nothing more than losing a best two out of three series. Anybody but Montreal, not because I'm afraid of them, but because beating them once in three GC matches isn't a victory at all.

I feel differently. Since every year is different, and every team is different from season to season, it can't be a best of three. It's always only a best of one IMO. If SSK beats MTL in the Grey Cup this year, they win the Grey Cup, and who cares what happened in the past?

In a true best-of-three series, you get nothing for winning one game out of three. In this scenario, though, you get the Grey Cup. :cowboy:

Anyhow, good luck to the Riders in 2011! I'm curious to see how the team responds to the loss of Fantuz and Bagg.

I'm with you. We win this year against Montreal and We win the Grey Cup. It will avenge those losses. And then when we win it again the year after against Hamilton it will be just as sweet. :rockin:

The Als will be three straight this year.

i still say BC will be there.

Speaking as a fan of a team that lost about a bazillion times in the Grey Cup game before winning, I'll just say that when your team wins, you don't give a crap who they beat or what happened the year before. You just soak up the moment. :rockin:

SSK has a good team but the west is going to be nightmarishly difficult this season (well, except for Edmonton).

Il est clair que les Roughriders ont une chance de se rendre jusqu'à la Coupe Grey encore en 2011, mais cette saison s'annonce plus difficile que les précédentes. Les Lions semblent grandement améliorés et pourraient donner des maux de tête dans la division ouest. Il m'apparaît évident qu'il ne s'agira pas d'une course à 2 équipes mais d'une course à 3 équipes. Les Roughriders devront surmonter la perte de Fantuz et Bagg, mais je les crois capables d'y parvenir. En 2009, ils ont surmonté la perte de Dressler. L'an dernier, ils ont surmonté la perte de Baggs et Chick. C'est une équipe bien dirigée, qui a de bons joueurs et qui sait trouver de bonnes solutions à ses difficultés.

Les choses semblent se resserrer également dans l'Est, ce qui devrait nous donner une saison très intéressante. Les Alouettes devront surmonter les pertes de Cobourne, Cahoon, Proulx et Seagraves. Les Tiger Cats ont été très actifs et ont amélioré leur équipe également. On peut dire la même chose du côté des Argonauts, quoique leur jeu aérien demeure un gros point d'interrogation.

Je souhaite bonne chance aux Roughriders et que leurs suporteurs aient beaucoup de bons moments à encourager leur équipe, mais je ne vous cacherai pas que je souhaite encore plus que les Alouettes gagnent une troisième Coupe Grey.

Bonne saison à tous!

Well said. I agree that BC is a laggit contender this year, and the Stamps may have fallen a bit, but it is a 3 pony race. I also agree that Montreal will not have it as easy this year. Hamilton and TO have great potential. TO had a good year last year, and now have a QB with experience.

Should be a great year.

coming up on kickoff, best luck to them all, and may injuries be minimal and minor!
GO CFL!!!!!!!!!!!!