Saskatchewan vs. Toronto

Toronto is without Ray or Kackert. The Riders havent exactly been stellar on the road this season. Should be an interesting game nontheless

This is a golden opportunity to make a run at a home playoff game. If we can win this game then I feel we have a real chance at 4 - 1 in the last 5 games and a home playoff game. Deep down though I think the last game in BC will still determine if we finish 1st or 3rd.

If they play like they have for the last two games, they should kick TOs butt.

I think this team has finally come into their own. Last 2 games they all played well. The D is second to BC and the O is not far behind. We should win this one with less drama IMO. I think we have a shot at the greycup. I can't help but think back last season where BC started and how they finished. Tor. will be just a stepping stone, I may be wrong but don't think so!!
And DD is finally playing like the top notch QB and playing a strong 4 quaters. :smiley:

I think the big question is how will the team play without the duo of Sheets and Sanders? It is too bad that Moss isn’t good to go, because he might be able to step into that role. I have often wondered what/how a guy like Jackson would do there?

Hoping that with Moss around things stay open for DD. It definitely helps the long ball which he seems to love, but I am hoping they come up with a new short game strategy with Jock out. West has some damn big shoes (well, I guess Jock is only 5-6, but still) if they elect to go that route.

I'm just hoping we can play error free. Any glaring mistakes cost us this game! Go Riders

Hey is T Jackson playin today, if not why?? Read somewhere is was out.