Saskatchewan Vs Toronto

Who do u think will come out on top tonight? My choice would will be saskatchewan of course

of course, SASKATCHEWAN!!! they've been on too much of a roll lately to let toronto come into their backyard and beat them up.... especially without levingston.

and from now on, i think they'll be giving all opponents - no matter who they are (are you listening BC?) - a good run for their money...

They are moving already tonight. Sound like they are on.

Riders win! This makes the 3rd season series we've won. Who'd have thought 4th place western team has as many point as the 1st place eastern team? :smiley:

I can now officially say McCallums back on his game, its really good to see.

Congratulations Riders. Great game tonight, and even though the Leos wanted a win for TO for the sake of the standings, I was cheering for the Riders...because I really really really hate Toronto. wife is from Swift Current.


Just one more thing...the Leos won't be so easy to beat next Sat. night. :wink:

Ummmm nobody said they would... :slight_smile:

Down the stretch in colder weather the running game is key to success. Riders are the best running team and have the best by far one-two punch in the backfield with Kenton and Corey. Our defence is coming on now - I really think we can beat anyone on a given day now. We had some bad luck in earlier games and could have 10 wins by now. That is football, though.. It is the stretch run and the playoffs that count. It does not matter who we face in the playoffs - I think we can beat anyone though I hope Edmonton gets beat by us first!! Go Riders Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rider Pride Nation Wide

Congratulstions on the win, it was well earned

Remember though both the east and west finals will be played indoors, as well as the gey cup

So that leaves the East and West Semi Finals to the weather unless Argos/Als finish first and second in the East then it's indoor for both.

Witch is very likley

Congratulations to the Riders and ALL their fans! Last nights game was certainly one of the most exciting of the year, and without a doubt.....the BETTER team won!

They are really coming on late in the season, I hope they can keep it up. Looks like the rest of the league better sit up and take notice.