Saskatchewan vs Toronto Preview (and Game Thread)

Well Toronto looked pretty good on their opening drive. The Riders had a decent drive going as well but Taj Smith dropped the first down catch.

Overseas/outside Canada thread for TSN broadcast:

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Not many there i say 17,000 tonight because of the floods they have been having.

that i give a excuse.

Riders TD was an awesome play by the line and Sheets on the play-action fake and then Durant with patience and a strong throw on the roll-out and Bagg sticking to his designated route and not drifting as would too many receivers!

High shame on the secondary of the Argos though for the lack of pass coverage.

There was no one even close to Bagg on that side of the field despite all that time for Durant to roll out! It's not like that was a play-fake and a bullet throw you know!

That scoring play will be in every film room viewed by every Argos' opponent too.

Let's see if others try to exploit the Argos' weaknesses on the sidelines too or if the Argos defence adjusts for the rest of this game.

Well at least the silly 15 yard penalties have offset now - neither one was a penalty by Weldon Brown or Khalif Mitchell. They balance each other out, and hopefully the refs will stop the nonsense that is perfectly legal plays.

I wonder what Owens hurt there, he was barely touched on the play. Riders will have to key on Durie, the guy is eating them up right now.

On the other side of the ball, the Argos' show some of the best blocking by receivers I have seen in quite some time on their first major!

That's right you too can do a double take -- blocking by receiverS!

The three Riders defenders were all in the right positions, but all three were blocked and Durie sailed in there for the TD!

Well Owens is back out for the return, so it must have been pretty minor. I have to feel that at some point they take away his return duties as he's just getting banged up and hasn't been anything special returning all of last year and so far this year.

Well the Argo's got jobbed on the pick 6, as the defender has the right to the ball as well. I will proclaim that the horseshoe drive, as the Riders got lucky on several different plays.

Very questionable pass interference call in my opinion. Just my opinion though.


those penalties were totally bogus and the CFL wants the riders int he grey cup at any cost...

Questionable no doubt though I do wish they would show that replay again was the right call I thought because I saw the receiver pushed by the defender before the defender established his position in the air to catch the ball.

It does not matter how hard the receiver is pushed so long as it is a push and not a brush.

Brutal as was this analysis of the game in the trenches and the Argos' overall pass defence deficiencies by Area51, so far it appears accurate to me.

This was awesome reading this morning, as are most of Area51's post to me, and it's spot on at least in the first half.

Rock on Area_51!

P.S. The only guy you did not mention for the feasting so far is Rob Bagg.

Loving the Riders special teams so far, especially the coverage on kickoffs and punts. I don't know if anyone has returned a kickoff to the 35 yet through 2 and a bit games.

There was some contact no doubt. Just sort of seemed that the pass was a bit off and was a bit up for grabs leading to the contact.

The call was made...over and done with now, however it`s a 14 point swing and that could turn out to be huge.

Looks like the defenses are settling in now after a shaky start.

I would argue that right now, contrary to Cuthbert, a 36-yd punt with no return by Owens is an excellent punt.

With the lead in hand and possibly the ball back, why would the Riders risk any such return? Also they save time on the clock!

The ball went out at the 30-yard mind you and not near midfield, so get with it Cuthbert.

And now the Riders will have the ball back see!

I thought so too for a moment, but Toronto’s defence is heavily inconsistent and overall bad.

Shocker! Ferri with a dirty hit! What a rotten bunch Ferri, Cox, and Emry are! To hell with those guys! And listen to that Duane Forde idiot encouraging him!

I don't know if there's a worse D coordinator in the final minute of a game. Just like last week, Richie Halls defense is softer than butter after doing lots of good things.