Saskatchewan vs Toronto Preview (and Game Thread)

Pretty sweet game to kick off Week 3 in the CFL. Undefeated Roughriders vs Defending Grey Cup Champions. The money is going on Toronto in the sportsbooks its getting from a dead even game to the Argos are now 2 point favorites.

Riders fans will be loving that they can get more then 2.1 odds for them just to win the game.

Saskatchewan vs Toronto Game Preview

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Going with the Riders and the Over in this one who do you guys got?

Riders in a blowout. 35 - 14

Don't see this one being close at all. It will be over before the half and might be the dud of the week. Not sure about the 35, but I think you're being awfully generous saying the Argos will score 14. They've scored 30 points in their last 6 quarters with only one TD against BC and that with 59 seconds to go and the game out of reach. Argos will be lucky to score 14.

I'm accounting for one late TD in garbage time.

If this comes down to a “battle in the trenches”, the Argos are in a land of trouble. Toronto’s DLine is terrible and their DEs are the league’s worst. David Lee has no business starting at DE in the CFL - - the Argo coaching staff may realize this around Thanksgiving. That’s what happens when your Canadian talent is so poor.

Really only have to be concerned with Kalif Mitchell, but if Mitchell is having a bad day with meltdowns he’ll take himself right out of the game. Riders DLine is the strongest in the CFL. They don’t need to rely on blitzing to get pressure, the front four can get at the QB on their own.

Toronto’s OLine is also very weak. Especially on the interior where they’re trying to hide a few short armed fatties just to scratch together 7 non import starters. Joe Eppele was so bad at G last year, Toronto switched him over to defence halfway through the season. C Jeff Keeping will be easy to spot - - he’ll be the guy that’s constantly going backwards. Once again, the lack of Canadian talent is painfully obvious in Toronto.

Chad the Fumbler hasn’t put it on the turf yet this season, so he’s definitely overdue for at least one turnover.

George Cortez must be licking his chops waiting to exploit the smoke and mirrors defensive scheme of Ego Jones. Toronto will blitz one or two LBs and that’s going to leave the middle of the field wide open for Dressler and Getzlaf to feast on.

Least allowed sacks in the league. It's also funny that 2 weeks into the season you think everything is set. Are you still upset that David Lee won the job from Ricky "I only know how to rush the QB" Foley?.

Your obvious Bias is showing. It's not like there is another team leading the league in sacks and getting pressure.

Again, fewest QB sacks. And it's through 2 games. You wouldn't understand I guess.

But keep up the good work. I really look forward to hearing what happens when coach starts asking Ricky to "Drop back into coverage" or "sit on the bench because a you trying to get to the QB is not needed" Should be interesting, Then you can start ripping a 3rd team's coaching staff!

Chad the Fumbler hasn't put it on the turf yet this season, so he's definitely overdue for at least one turnover.

George Cortez must be licking his chops waiting to exploit the smoke and mirrors defensive scheme of Ego Jones. Toronto will blitz one or two LBs and that's going to leave the middle of the field wide open for Dressler and Getzlaf to feast on.

Looking forward to this one tonight, I see the Argos taking it by a couple of td's or so.

If the Riders are as overconfident as their fans, this one could be over early. I expect a close game though. The Argos win in shoot-out.

I also predict that there will be a large crowd that Rider fans will take full credit for.

Between the short week and the long journey to the centre of the universe for The RIders, along with coming off a hugely emotional game against their biggest rivals, I can see this being a close game, but I think The Riders pull out a close one.

Looking forward to seeing the green Ricky put the blue Ricky on his back a couple times.

Go Riders! Believe.

My Argos are fortunate they are not 0-2 going into tonight.
I see them finally breaking out big and blowing out the Riders.

Short week? :lol: The Argos have 1 whole day more between games than the Riders. Massive advantage. :roll:
Game is at the Skydump where the Argos were tied with Winnipeg last season for the worst home record in the league.

People want to pick Toronto in this one that’s your opinion, but I can’t understand how anyone can justify that using those 2 points as their reasons.

Another thread, more Toronto hate. The Argos have won their last 3 at home! The opener Vs Hamilton and who can forget their big playoff win Vs Edmonton back in November and the epic 100th Grey Cup victory. WOOOOO!

Didn't think that was particularly a Toronto hate post. Oh and thanks for remining me, I had forgotten. Don't so it again.

The definiton of "hate" around here lately has been changed to "said something other than heaping praise on my team."

The most anti-Argo post in the thread is from Area 51. :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel the Riders will win.

sorry cflesks you'll be disappointed.

Nope, I always cheer for the West. I like the Riders it's just some of their arrogant fans I have a problem with.

No more arrogant that some Eskimo fans are… if there is a fan forum that has a lot of jerk offs on it, its Esksfans… its been highly entertaining to look at some the Tillman threads, and how most of them act like spoiled little children… if I was a member of that site, I would be embarassed…

It's rehashed posts like this from the likes of you and some of you Riders fans that ensure we stay away from your sorry-butt forum, and by all means do not stop by our thread in accordance also with site policy.

There are a few reasonable Riders fans though who are welcome so long as they follow site policy.

You all are a great team but wow what a bunch of sore winners. I picked the Riders but for posts like this, if they lose I'll enjoy greatly this loss too.

Not many there. :o