Saskatchewan vs Montreal

It’s easier to rag on your own offense than it is to compliment your opponent’s defense, isn’t it? :wink:

it is, but this O has sucked since the bye week. Sorry…people are talking up the Als D…the D that has allowed the 2nd most points in the league. Their secondary was very good today…perhaps the Riders should have ran? Perhaps they should have continued over the middle as it was opening up the edges and drawing the LBs back (getz was wide open when DD went for the safe quick hitter over the middle and hit him in the ankles). Perhaps when you go double tight end you should run a few times…Montreal did so…that is not rocket science. Perhaps when you are on the goal line your blocking back should hit the edge, not be 3 yards back. Perhaps DD should run a few times? Maybe not running (I believe they ran once) in the second half is a good idea? Perhaps the receivers (Smith) needs to worry less about the guy on his butt and keep running his fly route? Perhaps DD needs to go to a second receiver like he did at the start of the season instead of locking in?

The Als played very well on D, but the Rider O once again showed sweet F all…ineptness aside.

It's the same for any sport - when a team mate is targeted for a dirty play or hit and no one comes to their defense - or makes the other team pay ..... it's a very clear sign they are not functioning as a team. There are bad penalties and there are good penalties - and lastly there are great penalties. In this case giving up 15y+ more because as a team they responded would have been worth every yard. They may have given up even more points but they would have begun working as a team again and making other teams fear them. As it is right now I would have to say the Riders are the worst CFL team in the second half of the season and if they had played from day 1 like this may not have one a single game.
Actually in most team sports, they don't send a guy out to commit a penalty in response to another penalty going uncalled. That's a hockey mentality, because hockey is still the dominion of the goons and thugs.

Montreal is currently fighting for a playoff spot. You want to punish them for a dirty play? Do it on the scoreboard where it really hurts.

DIsagree - If an Al’s player was horse collared down in front of the officials with no call - they would have gone after the ref and the Rider doing so - I am not suggesting physically but by getting in their face - making it clear that was not ok. That’s what teams that stick together and play as a team do. Leaving a player to fend for themselves is not what you see from good teams. If seeing one of your own taken down by a dirty play - flagrant at that - does not spark emotion and reaction on the team - well your toast and you won’t be able to respond on the score board with your head hung down.

If that play had occured to the stamps - lions or argo’s they would have made them pay on the score board - and by kicking up the physical hitting and why? - because those 3 teams are playing as a team. I am not pissed at the play itself but at the completely lack of emotion from the Riders in standing together as a team.

Football is about more than scratching the top of a stats sheet. The Als defense is the best in the league IMO. Only reason they’ve allowed so many points is because the Als Offense is the most inept in the league with the exception of Winnipeg causing the Defense to spend 10 minutes more on the field than most opponents… Als are tops in the league against the run, the pass and tops in forced turnovers and are tops or second in sacks . They have also started four Non Imports many times this year. Something that hasn’t been done in this league in maybe 20 or 30 years.

Sask actually a very good average team. However when you have a great running back things open up all over the field.
Example Calgary, BC will kill you if you not careful with the run. How long has sheets been out!! Big difference when he comes
back. Again most know this. Not to worry Sask fans.

I have spent the last THREE WEEKS being classy enough not saying anything. Something has to be done. Pick up and beat a blitz for fuck sakes!!

There are a few ways to do this.

1 - Run the ball. Garrett had 5 carries. :confused: Now I realize that the run game wasn’t going anywhere but there’s a reason for that. The Riders NEVER run outside. Only inside. Which is great for the defense when blitzing LBs are shooting gaps anyways. Now in the old days when FBs were in fashion, a lead blocking back would make a big difference, but in the ace set offense, you have a naked back in a gap that is stuffed with a blitzing LB. He either gets tackled, or abandons the hole altogether. Run outside FFS! Especially when you use so much double TE. Follow one of those dudes off the corner.

2 - Roll out. Not the best idea, because it usually cuts the downfield targets in half for the QB, but hey it’s better than nothing. You know your backfield will be full of defenders, get out of the way and make them chase you. Move that pocket once in a while!!

3 - Hot routes over the middle. This is the BIG ONE. If the LBs are pinning their ears back, then they are vacating holes in the short middle. Hit those and make them pay. I HAVE BEEN WAITING PATIENTLY FOR FIFTEEN AND A HALF QUARTERS FOR THE RIDERS TO DO THIS!! They finally did it and drove 70 yards in 5 plays for TD!! HOLY SHIT!!! … Then they stopped.

ALL of these things keep the defense honest. The whole purpose of the blitz is to make you abandon your game plan and deal with the blitz. It’s Don Matthews specialty, get the defense to dictate to the offense how they will play. All of the 3 things above dictate BACK to the blitz to stop blitzing so you can get your playbook back. It’s simple shit. Cortez should know this.

I can take a loss. I can take 4 losses. I can take 13 losses 2 years ago. I can take 3-15 back '99. I can take 2-14 back in 19 fricking 80. I’ve been a Rider fan for 30 YEARS! I’ve seen more losses than anyone in my time. I get asshats yelling '3 GREY CUPS IN A HUNDRED YEARS!! DOO-DAH!! DOO-DAH!!" when I wear my colors on game day and I grin and walk on. This is not about losing. This is about downright stupidity by a guy who is a supposed offensive genius in this league for 25 years.

This offense is stacked with the talent to do anything the coordinator wants. I’ll say this again. This offense is is stacked with the talent to do A-NY-THING the coordinator wants. There is no excuse.

TWELVE punts. Fuck you.

Don’t even get me started on the 3rd and goal from the 1. Holy shit!

4 straight games THROWN AWAY over bull shit game plan and play calls.

Yea, you’re right. My posts have no class today. But at least I know how to beat a fucking blitz.

There definitely was some missed calls… The kick return that set up Montreal for good field position to kick the FG to go up by 5 points was set up by a blatant hold against Craig Butler… But we have been saying for 4 weeks now, that good teams find a way to win. And Saskatchewan hasn’t figured that out yet.
We continue to shoot ourselves in the foot with poor execution at the wrong time. Can’t score from the 3 yard line. Throw a pic in the EndZone (twice). Shank a punt. Take a bad penalty on a good kick off return… It is such a momentum killer. This is why they seem like they have zero energy. It is those little things that can deflate a team.

In the last 4 losses, Statistically, we are beating every team, with the exception of turnovers. That is what is killing us. You think of the game today… 3 offensive plays to Carter generated 13 points for Montreal. And all we scored is 12 points. 3 losses by a combined score of 9 points… Disheartening yes. But push the panic button… No.
I dont think we need to full out adjust out schemes, just tweak a bit… Our problem is execution. With about 45 seconds left, Durant has Getzlaf wide open on second and 10 during the Montreal Blitz, and he throws a ball into the turf in front of Dressler bringing up 3rd down…
And realistically, the game should never have come down to needing a last minute touchdown. We left 10 points on the field in the first half with the touchdown squandered and an interception from the 20 yard line

Alouettes have an excellent defense, as I stated a couple days ago in the Rider forum. However, AL the Riders needed was EIGHTEEN GODDAMN POINTS!

What is the cause of the turnovers? Durant is forcing his throws like he did in 2011. Why? Because the play calls are not generating any offense. The scheme is playing straight into the hands of the defense which is watching the same film on the Riders week in and week out. So now Durant is trying to make something happen in spite of the scheme. This has ALWAYS been the cause of 90% of his interceptions his entire career.

The scheme is garbage. Fix it and the picks will stop.

There are going for the deep pass almost every throw - they need to get back to short passes and build on their confidence

"Yea, you're right. My posts have no class today." prairiedog72.

I like a guy who's man enough to take ownership! Well done! :thup: The important thing is that the game not affect the rest of your day. Tomorrow the sun will rise as always, you will go to work to earn an honest dollar as always. The Roughriders will hit the practice field as usual to try and improve.

The Roughriders are still in the hunt for a 1st place finish. That speaks volumes that all is not lost. When Sheets gets back things I'm sure will improve. Just think, things could be a whole lot worse for you. You could be a Bombers seasons ticket holder. The fans there are so desperate to find something to cheer about they were actually cheering QB Buck Pierce when he came onto the field for a series of plays. [Lions vs Bombers game] Pierce was wearing a Lions uniform! The fans even cheered for Buck when he made his first completed pass. Now THAT as bad as it gets!

Calgary didn’t miss a beat on the ground splitting duty between 2 backs for 130 yards when Cornish missed a game earlier this year.

Sheets didn’t have a particularly strong game in Winnipeg, and was 4 carries for 8 yards when he went down against the Argos. It has NOTHING to do with the back. It’s the scheme.

Heck, in the first half today Suitor made a comment that perhaps Cortez was abandoning the run because he doesn’t have faith in Garrett. Well if that were true, then why isn’t Sanders playing instead? That could have saved AT LEAST 1 fumble last week because Jock knows where to stand in the formation. :confused:

Now I haven’t been overly impressed with Garrett’s ability to fight for extra yards (although in fairness to him he’s not getting a great opportunity to produce) but Garrett had 5 carries 9 yards today. Sheets woulda had 5 carries, maybe 16 yards after maybe breaking 1 tackle into the 2nd level. Wooptee.

My point is. It’s not the back. It’s the scheme.

who exactly is this “we” you are talking about. You don’t enter any location. You don’t have a team avatar. Your name gives no indication. Could be cheering for mars for all I can tell.

IMO posters should be required to enter more info when signing up.

Well stated

Montreal is ferocious against the run. It’s rare for a team to run successfully on us. Take a breath, people.

Banjo Bowl

DURANT, D    8  93   27   0
SHEETS, K     14 65  16   0
WILLY, D       1  1  1   0

vs Toronto

HUGHES, N  	6   14   6  	0
SHEETS, K 	4   8 	5 	0
DURANT, D 	1  3  	3 	0
WILLY, D 	2 	2  1  0

vs BC

GARRETT, C  	9  	30  	7  	0
DURANT, D 	1 	7 	7 	0
WILLY, D 	2 	2 	1 	0

vs Montreal

GARRETT, C  	5  	9  	4  	0
DURANT, D 	1 	3 	3 	0
HUGHES, N 	1 	2 	2 	0
WILLY, D 	2 	1 	1 	0

And like I said about a half hour ago …

With all due respect to your team sir, Riders only needed 18 points, but instead Cortez spent the ENTIRE GAME in a futile attempt to pick up a 6, 7 or 8 man rush rather than adjusting the scheme to make them stop blitzing. Why did the Als blitz so much? Because that’s how the last 3 teams beat Sask (well BC blitzed a bit less because their front 4 was beastly on their own) without the slightest need to adjust.

Hey, my team has been singing that same tune the whole season long. :wink:

With all due respect to your team sir, Riders only needed 18 points, but instead Cortez spent the ENTIRE GAME in a futile attempt to pick up a 6, 7 or 8 man rush rather than adjusting the scheme to make them stop blitzing. Why did the Als blitz so much? Because that's how the last 3 teams beat Sask (well BC blitzed a bit less because their front 4 was beastly on their own) without the slightest need to adjust.
Well, I do admit I found it odd to see Cortez not run some hitch screens and quick slants to blunt the edge of Montreal's pass rush. I kept waiting for it to happen and it never happened. So I agree with you that Cortez has to wear some of this loss.

That said, we didn’t blitz SSK because other teams did. We blitz because that’s our scheme (and because, incidentally, our front four isn’t strong enough to generate consistent pressure on its own). We always blitz, no matter who we’re playing. Thorpe’s plan is to take away the run by loading up the box, make you one-dimensional and force the QB to make perfect reads and intermediate to long throws snap after snap. We give up the odd big play, and we could definitely stand to cut down on the penalties, but generally, this is not an easy defense to face, particularly along the ground, particularly when you’re missing your feature back.

Lastly, it’s not like our own offense shone. I was just as frustrated with Berry as you were with Cortez. Two good defenses met today; ours played slightly better than yours to give us the win, just like yours played slightly better than ours in the initial meeting, which you won. :wink:

He is forcing for sure. But I think that is a result of jittery feet because he has had no time due to constant pressure. There were throws today that were off because of the disruption of timing… He’s worried about getting hit every play. And it’s in his head
The scheme isn’t garbage, it needs some tweaks. It wasn’t garbage the first 7 games when we were winning. In one thread the favourite part of a 4 game winning winning streak, everyone was calling Cortez a genius. Now in the midst of a 4 game losing streak, everyone wants his head!
There has been numerous posts about 2 backs, the QB option play, slants, screens, crossing plays over the middle… All to beat the blitz. It’s not just Cortez on this one… It’s all the coaches, Khari Jones, Jason Tucker… We have offensive minded coaches… We just have to tweak the scheme to beat the blitz… I just can’t believe they haven’t adjusted it already as we have now seen 4 weeks of pressure…

We still have 5 games to figure it out and get on a roll. I’m not worried yet. Disappointed maybe, but not worried. Take solace in the fact that we have a defense that can win a Grey Cup…
While trying to figure all this out, It is unfortunate that our only home playoff game may be the Grey Cup itself…

In the history of the franchise, we have never it made it easy on ourselves. So why start now! Don’t we need to be .500 to win the Grey Cup anyway? :wink:

Excllent observations. And yes, you are correct that Montreal blitzes all the time, but that makes it even less of an excuse to for Cortez. He’s known, or should have known that the Als have blitzed the hell out of everyone since Week 1 and he STILL wasn’t ready for it.

And yes, neither offense did much, but the Als have a rookie QB and Brandon London had more drops (3) than catches (2). The Riders have an all-star QB and depth at every position. Cortez has no excuses here either.

You have to understand, if the Riders were an undermanned squad near the bottom of the standings, played their guts out and lost to a better team I’d be bummed but not pissed off. All due respect to you Alouettes, the Riders really should have won this game. All they neede to do was turn a couple of those 12 punts into field goals. They have spent the last month tossing a Grey Cup in the trash bin. That’s what pisses me off.

:thup: :thup: