Saskatchewan vs Montreal

You will rarely hear these words come out of my mouth.

Go Saskatchewan!!!! :cowboy:

Where is Cortez’ head at? Why are you running a QB sneak from the 2 yard line? Throw a goal line fade, the endzone is 25 yards deep for goodness sake.

At 10 minute mark of 2nd quarter, we should have 13 points instead of 3. We are leaving points off the board while we are in red zone again.

Turn it around boys!

On another note, is it just me or are a lot of Montreal players leading with their helmets while tackling? I noticed Hebert seems to be the worst..

What we're seeing here is a great game from my perspective. . .two really good defences, well-coached. I personally love defensive struggles. Hat's off to Noel Thorpe and Richie Hall. They are both flummoxing Durant and Nieswander.

cortez must be having a serious case of seniors moments some questionable play calling

Hate that knee drop at end of half. Have the confidence to take a shot at a deep ball...

When we are struggling like this, we cannot just give up offensive plays on the field

Take the kick return…see what happens…maybe get fancy and try a reverse or something.

Man, I love this barn-burner between those old rivals Sarnia and Balmy Beach...


Always keep this handy when you have Cortez on your coaching staff…

Beauty pick right there!

The offense continues to struggle. I know MTL has a good defense but this is getting rediculous that we can only seem to put up 4 points in 3 quarters. We can't expect to play 3 quarters of terrible offensive football and 1 good one against teams with starting QB's and still be in it. It's not DD, it's not one offensive player, it's everyone. No rhythm no momentum. As I type this it looks like they're finally putting a drive together but they can't keep playing like that each week. It seems like they just need to slow things down a bit and let the plays happen.

On Carter's touchdown for Montreal, the one Montreal receiver blocks our guy from making a play on the ball.. Pretty much interfered before the ball even got there.

And then he pastes Maze, on that play and a flag is thrown.. What is the rule on this?

I stopped watching just into the 3rd when on the return the rider was taken down in front 2 officials by a horse collar tackle that was text book - and the rider was called not the tackler from Montreal. No point watching past that point

Now for sure the Riders lost because they where horrible on offense. The Riders did not lose because of the officials and nor did the Al's score because of any gimmie by the officals.

What I am saying is that although I deplore retaliation type hits the Riders must at this point take a stand. The fact that on the next play an AL wasn't taken down by a horse collar shows that the Riders are not playing as a team or with heart. On nearly every team after a dirty tackle like that you would see an explosion of emotion from the team - that is one case where taking a 15 yr penalty for tearing the ref a new one would be considered a good penalty - doing nothing shows their moral is crushed.

Unless the riders step up they may not win another game this season. If one of your players can get horse tackled infront of the refs and they don't care to call and you don't defend your own team mates .... well its going to be next year time soon enough.

Cortez is a F'N IDIOT. fuck him.

Very good defensive battle between two teams struggling. If I made a wager I would have picked SSK to win. Who did I want to see win the game? Montreal of course! :rockin: They were fully deserving of the victory given some of the issues they are trying to overcome. Montreal keeps their playoff hopes alive but more importantly they have really helped out the Lions in the Lions' bid for top spot in the West.
Congrats to both teams for a hard fought entertaining game. :thup:

I dont think BC or Calgary needs anybody’s help to beat the Riders. This team couldnt beat the U of R Rams right now.


It's the same for any sport - when a team mate is targeted for a dirty play or hit and no one comes to their defense - or makes the other team pay ..... it's a very clear sign they are not functioning as a team. There are bad penalties and there are good penalties - and lastly there are great penalties. In this case giving up 15y+ more because as a team they responded would have been worth every yard. They may have given up even more points but they would have begun working as a team again and making other teams fear them. As it is right now I would have to say the Riders are the worst CFL team in the second half of the season and if they had played from day 1 like this may not have one a single game

It's not just team work - something is missing from the Riders that they had in the first 1/2 of the season and if they don't find it fast .... they are in next year Territory already.

Very classy comment prairiedog72 Was it really necessary? Or might you have phrased that a little differently and still got your point across?

Actually in most team sports, they don’t send a guy out to commit a penalty in response to another penalty going uncalled. That’s a hockey mentality, because hockey is still the dominion of the goons and thugs.

Montreal is currently fighting for a playoff spot. You want to punish them for a dirty play? Do it on the scoreboard where it really hurts.