Saskatchewan vs Montreal rematch!

Should be a great re-match next week. The Roughriders have obviously taken care of the bugs and are back on track. I'm sure they wanted nothing more than to have another showdown against Montreal. They got their wish. No doubt they will be doing some serious player counting this time around so they don't blow a golden opportunity like they had last year.

I was surprised Calgary lost but Saskatchewan was worth its full weight for the win. Before the season started I had predicted a Saskatchewan/Montreal 2010 Grey Cup. But to be quite honest I was having my doubts during the season as the teams moved along but as fate [ or to some destiny] would have it................

I think the Riders may have one up on the Als, as they showed they could perform well in the brutal cold and will be used to the fact. Can Monteal do the same? I guess they will have a full week of practice in the cold to get used to it. I would say the advantage goes to the Riders now, unless it warms up some.

Forecast is for a high of -6 low -12 I think. So it should be warmer than the West Final.
These two teams are very evenly matched and the only thing that would suprise me if one of the teams blows the other away.
Riders by 2

I suppose we'll have to wait till Sunday to see how the Als perform in the cold, let alone frozen field perhaps?

Flicker, Flicker, Flicker......POW......POW........ Back to back Grey Cups in Alberta. Show it to me. Go Als Go :rockin:

Calgary must be pissed! can you say dump Burris.

the green machine will lay it on the Frenchies big time or I'm not a great, mystic know it all.