Saskatchewan vs Hamilton!

This is what happens when you release colbourne and keep walker.
You lose blocking. You lose your ground game.
You're forced to throw every play because you get no production on the ground.

Not sure if this means anything, but no starting QB has finished a game against the Riders this Durant hasn't finished 3 of the 4, but if you are winning I guess that is a good thing.

37-0 Rider final...

I didn't expect Hamilton to win.

I also didn't expect them to get shut out. It's a special brand of fail to do that in the CFL. But hey, great effort from the Riders.

Cortez and Chamblin must be feeling a special kind of high :cowboy:

For once I can agree :wink:

I must admit that I wasn't expecting a shutout. I predicted total points to be over 70 in my pool but Hamilton didn't do their part ... or the Riders D went way beyond expectations, one or the other. This team is for real - even the D seemed to want the accolades that the O has been getting. Solid game.

Does anyone know when was the last time a team got shutout ?

Not sure if there were others since, but the Riders shut out the bombers last season at Labour Day or Banjo bowl, don't remember which but one or the other ...

I remember Toronto beat hamilton 51-0 in the labour day rematch of 2005.

Labour day IIRC, and that was the last shutout. Was also the only one that year.

Thank you. You are a good man. I watched it in a bar and only remember the result.

This Rider team is really very good. If anybody thinks otherwise they are haters.

Yes they are but you need to be specially inept to get shutout in a league that rewards missed field goals with a point.

Seriously, that's the best you got? Do you know anything about the roots of the single point?

I think you misunderstand. I have nothing against the rule at all. But if you can’t get close enough to even miss a field goal. Your brutal.

Sure, but it seems like you blame the rule more. It's not that often that a point is awarded for a blatant screw-up. Anyways, as long as you aren't being a typical wannabe American ...

No you didn't

Far from. I love our game.

HTD, LOL!! You're funny :thup: :rockin: :thup: